Get your own ‘You’re Beautiful’ Pig Rabbit!

We haven’t talked much about the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ much on the blog, but we are actually huge fans of it:) and I’m sure many of you readers are too, so here’s where you can purchase the Pig Rabbit!

1. Hanchasa Online

Price: HKD$248 (around USD$32)
Company name: HANCHASA
Address: 2/F, No. 15 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 23883453

2. DVD Heaven

Sales Price : USD28.485
Mileage : USD0.284

Release : 2009-11-20
Shipped From : Korea




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4 responses to “Get your own ‘You’re Beautiful’ Pig Rabbit!

  1. michelle

    would you know if dvdheaven is reliable or not? its cheaper than yesasia for sure. thanks for the post.

    • fanaholic

      denise: I have not personally ordered from DVDheaven, (its direct from Korea I think), by so far I haven’t heard any complains about it. I think they charge shipping though.

  2. we are selling the pig rabbit and the ribbon.! visit we are reliable! =)

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