[ENG SUB] MBLAQ – Art of Seduction Ep. 2 & 4

Ep.3 is not uploaded yet!

credits: abmsubs@yt

091111 Ep. 2 Part 1

Part 2, Part 3

091125 Ep.4 Part 1

Part 2, Part 3

I’ll be writing a recap of Episode 2 tomorrow!

Ep 2 Part 1

This continues from Ep1 where the boys are trying to get their favorite stars to their fanmeeting. Seungho practices card tricks with Chun Doong acting as Jun Ji Hyun. The next morning Seungho and GO goes to the health club in hopes of meeting her but they realize much later that she left through the back door! Back at the apartment, Joon managed to somehow get Lee Byung Hun’s manager number and tries his luck, but seems that he failed as well. Mir seeing the failures of his hyungs decides to call his noona who gets him a meeting with ? and Chun Doong seeing this tries to contact his own noona, Sandara who I guess must have been busy. I wish she had picked up! It would be interesting to see them talking^^ Right now my favorite is Chun Doong because I love his blank loves:) heehee but I always change from the initial impressions XD And I’m not sure what happened, Joon called ‘Yellow hair’ or something and the two hyungs come in and ‘beat him up’ and they ended up trashing the place.

Part 2

They (Seung ho’s hair is now black! go out to eat and Chun Doong gets picked to be the camera man and he’s all sad as he films them eat. It’s quite adorable actually XP After dinner, they decide to film a self-made music video, and watching this part made me feel all nostalgic. Watching a newly debuted group is so different from watching a group that has been popular for quite some time. The newbies (as I call them) are so eager, excited and fresh for everything. Doing these like playing their song in a shopping center and filming their own video. Walking around without being recognise by everyone, and them so so happy to meet their fans for the first time. Seeing them like this and looking at the situation with DBSK, it’s quite sad really, I do hope DBSK will remember the time when they first started out and how they supported each other. I hate the current situation. I wish everything will get resolved soon, because thinking about it, DBSK were once like MBLAQ, and it’s sad if things keep getting out of hand. Oops! I apologize for rambling about DBSK, but I’m majorly upset with their awkward interview, flying back on different days and how they really seem to be 3 vs 2 these days.
Anyway, back to MBLAQ, cause they are our focus here after all, they managed to get an OK to visit Lee WeSu and are all excited as they set off on their trip. To pass time on the bus, they have an interview session and Joon totally killed Mir’s image with all the farts and feet smells. OMO O_0 It’s hilarious though how Mir said he would get a fragrance line in the future! It may just very well come true!

Part 3
Their self-made MV!! hahhaha they somehow remind me of Suju here! I don’t know why XD

I’ll do a recap of Ep 4 after Ep3 is out. I’ll do both together:)


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