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2PM Finale Flips

credit: mellen008@YT

wahhh my fav flips are junho’s and junsu’s! superrrawesome 😀 but taec has the advantage of his choc abs and khun…well khun is khun haha. anyway khun’s flip isn’t in this compilation but it’s from yesterday’s Music Bank.


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2PM’s Colour & Cake

credit: raika23@YT

credit: chan2810@YT

credit: typicalpocky7@YT

i seriously considered getting a corby just coz 2pm’s endorsing it and if not coz the phone itself is rather useless i’d have gotten it nyehehe…but an amusing MV still..someone commented that taec looks like a ninja turtle! and I can’t help but agree lol 😀


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091205 Music Core Jeju island Special Stage

Edit: Added SHINee, BEG & SNSD’s Gee

woots! outdoor live! but the poor fans are kinda wayyyy far far awayyy from the stage looks like 😀

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091128 Idol Maknae Rebellion ft. SHINee (Key, Jonghyun & Taemin)

I fail as a SHINee updater T.T I haven’t watched any of their shows in so long and I really enjoyed this one. Mainly because found back my love for Key XD He rocks the whole show! He’s really the almighty Key. He won at all the games except maybe the ranking one.

There is mention about the Goo Hara, Nicole and Jinwoon scandal, although I didn’t know that Key was one of those considered after Jinwoon denied it.

The best part for me was the talent competition when Key totally killed everyone with his ability to memorize any dance. He knew so many girl group dances! I feel a little sorry for Seunghyun. He was so convinced that he was going to win that round XD

Anyway, because of Key’s monopolization of the show, Taemin and Jonghyun didn’t get alot of screen time 😦 Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the next episode!

credits: Kompilations@yt

Part 1

Click here for the rest of the show

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091204- Music Bank Perfs (2PM, JYP, f(x), BEAST, Secret & Rainbow)

I’m back! lol I dunno how many people noticed I was missing for a few months though XD Anyway, it’s holidays for me and I’m free to update again! Will try to update more regularly and with more stuff:)


2PM- Heartbeat

I miss Wooyoung’s flip!

2PM- Winning & encore

JYP – No Love No More

f(x) – Chu~

Click here for perfs by BEAST, Secret & Rainbow


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