[Eng Sub] 091121 DBSK wins Best Asia Star @ MAMA

I don’t know about you guys, but this video made me feel all teary inside T_T I really miss them, and from their speeches, you can see how much they miss being TVXQ. Jaejoong looked like he was going to break down at any moment. *sobs* I really hope TVXQ will make it through all these and come back stronger and better than before.

credit: mickytohos@yt

Micky misses the stage T.T We miss you Micky!!!




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4 responses to “[Eng Sub] 091121 DBSK wins Best Asia Star @ MAMA

  1. steph

    OMGOMG! Jae’s –to the two friends who may be watching this.. i just want to say that i love you..T.T its so sad!!!!T.T dbsk hwaiting!!!!!

  2. Janice

    AHH denise!!!!~
    jaejoongggg haiz..
    i was wondering if they will get into trouble for attending the award show since SM didnt want any of their artistes to be there.. but then again, the whole saga is just too much

  3. Janice

    anyway on a brighter note,
    *lol denise, i suddenly thought of you’re beautiful chukae(wrong spelling isit?) part*

  4. Sarah

    denise! how’s it going? sg is so humid right? i couldn’t take it once i landed. anyway meet up soon? i need more clothes for work =,=

    btw don’t know whether u saw it or not, but shinee has an editorial in the vogue korea december issue! their outfits are really cute =)

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