[News] SM’s Official stand for DBSK’s comeback

SM Entertainment revealed their stand for their discord with trio Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun of group Dong Bang Shin Ki through reports on 13th november.

SM Entertainment said, “We gave the deadline for the 3 members to give us a reply about Dong Bang Shin Ki’s comeback in Korea next year by 12th November previously during our press conference on 2nd November. But we did not get any response. This has hence make the group’s comeback in Korea next year impossible.”
SM Entertainment also added, “The trio has agreed to carry out the schedule planned on basis of the basic contract between the company and the group before the court during the time when the trial was on going. But after part of the trial judgement came out, the trio said they will not participate or the coming concert performance on 21st November in Chin which is part of their Asian concert tour performances decided as of June 2008, and for subsequent concert performance, they have stated that they may not be participating for them.”

“We will decline the idea for the 3 to promote as Dong Bang Shin Ki. This will have adverse effects on our company’s artistes as well as concert performances scheduled in China.”

credit: kbites (sookyeong.wordpress)
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SM is a douche as we all know. Jaechunsu plainly IGNORED their deadline because agreeing to it would mean that they would have to work under the OLD contract ie. the SM-thinks-its-appropriate-but-the-rest-of-the-world-thinks-its-a-slave-contract. How on EARTH is that related to not being able to participate in the comeback activities when Jaechunsu agreed on continuing DBSK activities and ONLY want fair and just CHANGES in their contract. SERIOUSLY SM is really really pushing it this time, it’s not even negative publicity.. it’s desperation. To either make or break DBSK, they decide to break them. BUT CASSIES WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! SM don’t know the power of us FANS! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH! If the boys believe in themselves and us, we WILL trust them!

SM be damned!

— Steph


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