091113 2PM’s Comeback@MusicBank- Intro + Heartbeat



credits: SSYY008@yt + as tagged

omg afkajksjijks it’s out!!!! Music Bank comeback stage!! Taqiah where are you~~~

brb to edit! spazzing first

Ok first, the suits are questionable. I just had to point that out. Now, to the intro, I really liked Junho’s dance in the intro:):):) And Chansung’s was so FIERCE. I’m abit 0_o at Khun’s, especially the chest move XD AND OMG TAECYEON. I can’t put it to words. I love you Taec!!! (although I thought there was too much chest popping, I was going to laugh at one stage XD)

I really liked the atmosphere of the performance, the rawness of it (I mean this in a good way) The dance moves were so sharp and strong. I love their new image:) Can’t wait to see more performances!

and I guess even though Jay isn’t here, I’m sure all the fans and the members themselves were thinking about him. Come back Jay!



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One response to “091113 2PM’s Comeback@MusicBank- Intro + Heartbeat

  1. fanaholic

    taqiah: kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~i likeeee. i just came back from my night class 😀 this is the highlight of my day. they totally blazed the stage XD

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