2PM’s HeartBeat + New Album 1:59PM

I’m like two hours late hehe. This was released at exactly 12:00am online (or so i’ve heard). eh so i’m 3 hours late??Anyways gonna share his real quick before I sleep XD

01 My Heart
02 Heartbeat
03 Tired of waiting
04 (I Was) Crazy Over You
05 Gimme the light
06 Back 2U
07 All Night Long
08 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
09 10 Points out of 10
10. Only You
11. Again & Again
12. I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
13. You Might Comeback (Bossa Nova Mix)

will update if more tracks are released 🙂

credit: typicalpocky2 + elaisafangirl @YT

info source: allkpop

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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