2PM New Album Cover + New Teaser

credit: iamirahhh@YT


the song sounds like it’s gonna be awesome. but of course netizens remain divided. some call all this hype a ‘marketing ploy’. well. that’s what marketing is supposed to do really. they make you go buy stuff by manipulating you. don’t blame jyp. you like something you buy it. If not there isn’t really a point in demonizing it right? that’s how the world is.

but i was also just thinking that at 1:59PM, getting tired of waiting, i was crazy about you. sure it’d make sense that all this hype could be about jay. but what if, 2PM is 1:59PM because they are lacking in fan support from before. What if they’re getting tired waiting on us to turn around, us who were so crazy about them….

or maybe i’m just reading too much into things heh.



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