2PM: Who’s Tired Of Waiting?

credit: jenp00able@YT

hmmmm~ i thought it’d be slower like the teaser and not that big a fan of autotune. but in any case, it’s a good start. ‘hottests’ are all divided on this one. there are alot dwelling on conspiracy theories like this being a marketing tool and blah blah blah. while others just want the boycott over and done with. so how? i just hope that they don’t block sales for people who want to get the CD coz that’s just plain evil. And newsflash. JYPE is not a government welfare organization or anything it’s an entertainment company. Even if they use this to test the market reception of a 2PM without Jay, well that’s their whole frickin purpose as an entertainment company isn’t it? In any case people need to realize this problem is not as easily solved as getting Jay back into 2PM. There are still moronic haters out there who will pounce on him the minute he comes back. To what extent would we be able to help him then?



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7 responses to “2PM: Who’s Tired Of Waiting?

  1. fanaholic


  2. fanaholic

    that was me btw:):) (steph:))

  3. izce

    thanks for sharing this song 🙂

  4. great post — very inspiring

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