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Jaebum In Seattle: Attempted Interview

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TT____TT  Leadjaaaaa~ yaaaa leave him aloneeee~


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Court Ruling on TVXQ VS SMent

The court has gave out the final ruling on the lawsuit between the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM Entertainment.

Seoul Central Court revealed on 27th October a citation of their ruling for the lawsuit between the SM Entertainment and TVXQ Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun.

It was revealed, “We see that part of the terms in their contract has much destroyed the good morals of the whole contract. SM Entertainment should not interfere with its singers’ independent unique activities and also contract to perform and other entertainment activities.”

Previously in July, the 3 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki has revealed their 13-year long contract under SM Entertainment, which meant that they will possibly be working under SM Entertainment for life, and has applied for the effect of provisional disposition of the terms in their contract. And the 2 parties have engaged in a lawsuit as SM Entertainment insist that the terms under their contract are reasonable.

The court also revealed, “Through the individual agreement, there is high possibility for group activities to continue, but for the provisional disposition of the the existing activities and the profit allocation, it is invalid and difficult. We will have to dismiss the application for the full provisional disposition of the effects of the exclusive belonging terms in the contract.”

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well well~ the ruling looks like the essay I’m writing right now – full of unfathomable crap. what the heck does this all mean anyways? hmmm i think they kinda won coz the court said that the contract really sucks. And then they said that if DBSK can talk to SM they can continue performing as DBSK but because they cannot agree on splitting the profit and what they perform, it will be difficult. And then the last part is totally lost on me. Did they lose i the end anyways? kns lah.



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