Flash With The Hottests!

Hey Singaporean Hottests I just got wind of this through Facebook. While I don’t support the boycott I do support 2PM so I thought I’d share this in case anyone’s interested in joining.

Time For 2PM wants to organize a flash mob like the other Hottests did in Korea and the US. They’re doing it in SG in NTU, November 1st 2PM, Sunday. Get more info at the link below:


The previous flash mobs:

credit: theNYChottest@YT

credit: leadjaprotectionprog@YT

ohh I didn’t know that the Malaysian Hottests did a flash mob too. Looks really nice 🙂

credit: imafighterforjaypark@YT

Philippines flash mob

credit: ellenckhun16@YT

waaaooowwwww so manyyyyy~

and oh SG actually already had one too but now let’s do one in support of their comback! Okay? Okay? This time if MAMA gets Jaebum to come, let’s mobilize and keep watch for the haters and if they come to MAMA to harrass him we’ll send them back to hell. hehehe~ how’s that for a plan?:)

credit: kw0nmIqI@YT


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