U Know Yunho For W Korea & Nylon

source: onetvxq +allkpop

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress




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6 responses to “U Know Yunho For W Korea & Nylon

  1. Steph

    HOTHOTHOT!!!! melts in a puddle

  2. I WANT ONE!

    thanks for sharing 😀 adding you to my blogroll chu~. keep updating DBSK!

  3. can you tell me what number of issue of nylon is this? is it korea or japan?

    • fanaholic

      it’s been sometime since i did this post but should be nylon korea hehe 🙂

      • oh ic. i was about to tell my friends to buy it while she’s in singapore if it’s japanese nylon. but no….

        oh I want Yunho T___T

        anyway, can I get the original pic of your gravatar? it’s from hahaha song right? if you don’t mind….
        and any TVXQ pic from hahaha song if you have lots 😛

        thank you so much.

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