Kim Jong Min To ORD!

hahah i’m not actually very sure what ORD means but the guys in national service when they’re going to be released from prison camp here call it ORD-ing. So KJM is ORD-ing!!! Some of you may not care or know who he is…but he is one of my fav comedians so I thought I’d just celebrate a little bit his upcoming ORD 😀

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! Finally some good news.


Kim Jong Min will be released from the army on 18th December as Trifecta Entertainment expressed, “We have received lots of invitations for him appear as a permanent cast on their variety shows. Many representatives have been in touch with us and it’s really scary because there’s a lot of them.”

Before enlistment, Kim Jong Min was a regular on KBS2TV’s 1N2D, KBS1TV’s Vitamin, etc. For 1N2D, he even filmed until the day where he got enlisted in the same afternoon.

It may be a joyous time for production staff and viewers with his impending return, but it also represents danger especially for his fellow colleagues.

In actual fact, the term ‘Kim Jong Min released from army‘ has been totally banned from being uttered on 1N2D, and was mentioned by Lee Seung Gi in a recent episode of Happy Together – Season 3. No one dares to speak of that or utter anything silly, for fear of getting squeezed out of the show. No one also dares to make a joke out of that. This is especially so for Lee Soo Geun who has been working doubly hard on the show recently, probably mindful of Kim Jong Min’s return.

With Baekga enlisting on 15th October, Koyote is now down to just Shinji herself. Trifecta Entertainment is thus planning to regroup Koyote as a 2 member group after Kim Jong Min’s return and perform on stage again with a new album.


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