2PM’s Album To Be Released Mid November

Group 2PM will be releasing a new album coming mid-November.

It is known that the group has finished the recording for their new album recently, after starting promotions as 6 members on Dream Concert previously on 10th October. Their goal is to release an album coming mid-November.

The release of their new album was set initially in mid-October, but following the criticisms and then the leaving of member JaeBum, the release was postponed.

To add to that, fans have been demanding for the return of JaeBum to the group, and there has been boycotts for a 6-member activities from the group, which had added to the burden of the group and the release of the album as revealed by a JYP Entertainment staff.

Meanwhile, coming 25th October, JaeBum will be revealing his face for the first time on TV on KBS ‘Sunday Night’ talking about his feelings about the how MySpace saga and updating on his recent status.

source: newsen + sookyeong

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress

SCREW THE BOYCOTT! GET THE ALBUM 😀 wheeeee~ I am soooo getting it. *Delirious Anticipation* This article just made my day no matter what anyone else has to say about it.



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