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Yunho & Evisu

apparently the yunho evisu shopping bag is limited stock for this 09 fall/winter season only so visit a nearby evisu shop quick to get one. or not. if there isn’t then well it’s just a shopping bag heh. get a necklace instead 🙂

source: evisu hp + chara1019
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Epik High Wannabe Goodbye Stage

credit: codemonmonseason4@YT

i loved their 2 MVs but haven’t really posted a live perf. But since this will be their last (Congrats to the newly married DJ Tukutz, and good luck to the soon to be wed Tablo and soon to be enlisted Mithra) i thought it’d be nice to share 🙂


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Shinee Ring Ding Dong Full MV + Eng Subs

credit: dirah9302@YT

credit: sment@YT

haha dang this song is addictive. i had a midterm today and to all the questions my brain’s answer was either ‘ring ding dong’, ‘rocka rocka rocka’ and ‘fantastic elastic’. hehehe. i guess we’ll never know the genius behind ‘fantastic elastic’ since the subs dont say nothing about them. but then again ‘ring ding dong’ isn’t really being used for any meaning except to make it catchy maybe?perhaps? haha but the MV is superniceeeee 😀


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Shinee Comeback + BEAST Debut At Music Bank

credit: weflytothesky@YT

credit: dkpnews@YT


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