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Big Bang Wants To Hear Your Voice & Taeyang Asks Where You At

credit: imbisibells @YT

the teaser sounds really promising 🙂

credit: YGEntertainment@YT


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BEAST Bad Girl Teaser MV

ooohhh nicely done 🙂

credit: toto101@YT


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Shinee’s Fantastic Elastic MV Teaser

lol. first prize for most ambiguous memorable lyrics.

credit: 2istedStrsPro@YT

can’t wait for the Y.O.U teaser though apparently it’s been delayed for some reason.


credits: eternaldream2@YT


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DBSK ANation TohoMobile + Magazine Pics

Jumping from 2PM withdrawal symptoms to DBSK withdrawal symptoms. Deprivation is torture. Some pictures to keep you sane 😀

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Taec + Young Return To Inkigayo!

yessssssaaaaa!!! finally some good news. It’s fa frm a full strength on stage performance but any activity of a 2PM member is worth celebrating at this point. Look out for their return to MC-ing duties on the 18th of Oct! XD

source: allkpop


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credit: toto101@YT

i prefer ‘Oasis’ to ‘Bad Girl’. It’s more chillaxing haha. But once again Kpop fashion proves to be advanced beyond my comprehension. -_-”

credit: wonderfulsmurf@YT

so far i still prefer mblaq to beast. MBLAQ are debuting with a really good song and I like this live perf more than their MV. Rain being their producer is like a double edged sword. It gets them recognized but also recognized as ‘The Product of Rain’. Still, I would anticipate greater things to come from them. 🙂


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Epik High Part 2 : Trot & High Technology Teaser MV

credit: mapthesoul@YT

funnayyyeeee 😀


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