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hmmmm~as of now i find MBLAQ a ‘better’ group coz it was seems like they’re more put together. And i’m kinda refusing to acknowledge the change of the name B2ST to Beast coz it seems they’re trying to unseat the original Beast idols – 2PM. bloody opportunists. though b2st was a rather iffy name to begin with. hehe. personal opinion. can’t expect everyone to like every pop act churned otta the magic kpop factory. especially if they’re may be so similar to each other. Like in MBLAQ i thought i saw a taeyang and a GD. And B2ST’s song sounds rather shinee-ish. Methinks the new acts are really lucky 2pm and dbsk are having a hard time. or is it more than coincidence? jeng jeng jeng..if only the scandals were just part of a really bad nightmare. sighhh~


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  1. SilverClaws

    Hmm.. I really like BEAST. But you know we think that BEASt isn’t having a hard time but they’ve been training for 5 years(together)+training more with other entertainment groups and two of the members were rejects from other bands (XING and BigBang) so they really have been through a lot~ And I don’t think they sound SHINee ish~ they sound typical korean boy-band sound.. (And don’t be hating cause I’m a HUGE SHINee fan) but BEAST actually sounds better with Bad Girl as their debut than SHINee did with Noona nomu Yeppo~

    And the name, I mean who has good names anyway? Shin-ee, Super Junior, MBLAQ? I think if you’re talking about names most korean boy bands will always have weird names, something we fans have to kind of overlook~

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