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091010 Big Bang@ Dream Concert 09 -Lies

Omg!!!! I’m gonna treat this as a birthday present XD BECAUSE DAE SUNG’s BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks the same (phew, he wouldn’t be daesung if he changed his looks :P) and he looks happy to be back:) A bit tired and not dancing to the max but YAY he’s back!!!!!!!

I’m running super low on internet, but I just had to see him perform, too bad it won’t be broadcasted (not sure what’s the reason, could be because dae isn’t fully recovered or I read in one of the yt comments that YG already agreed for a non-broadcast deal in Aug, I’m pretty hazy on that), so have to depend on fancams! yay VIPs:)

credits: elavip2@yt and 9dool @ bbvipz

now if only dbsk will have a comeback soon…


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2PM Dream Concert Fancams

isn’t it sad. very sad that we have only fancam access to these perfs when we couldve watched HD. gee i wonder whose fault it is.

credit: denainxdenain@YT

credit: ying5387isme@YT

meanwhile…as support for 2PM ironiclly weakens, there are others trying to emulate them

credit: bacongau333@YT

i may be biased but there is no way they are up to par with 2pm.

credit: shuiful@YT

now this one was just done in bad taste.with 2PM still in the middle of this boycott nonsense, this “parody” (also known as trying-to-emulate-2pm-but-failed-so decided -to-relabel-this-as-a-parody) was just unnecessary, no offense to SHU-I themselves, nor their music  coz I haven’t heard it anyway. The timing for this was just way off.

credit: afsctv2@YT

although i think if it was done in support of 2PM, there is nothing wrong with that.

dangggg. 2PM with or without Jaebom needs support. not a boycott. Hottests need to ask themselves again who they are without 2PM. Coz at this rate with the influx of new boybands this month, 2PM may seriously be disadvantaged.

and i was so looking forward for their october comeback. sheesh.


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Shinee & So Eun For Clride.n + 2NE1 For Fila

hehe these are rather backdated but anyways it’s already in my photobucket so i’ll just share. ALOT of photos weeeee~

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