[News] Big Bang-Super Junior-2PM to be missing 1 member each for Dream Concert this year

3 of Kpop’s biggest boybands will be missing 1 member for their performances on upcoming large-scale concert ‘2009 Dream Concert’ to be held on 10th October.

For this concert, the performing teams are Big Bang, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, Jewelry, KARA, So Nyeo Shi Dae, T-ara, 2NE1, 4Minute, Wheesung, Park HyoShin, MC Mong, ChaeYeon etc.

And of them, groups Big Bang, Super Junior and 2PM will be missing 1 member each at the concert performance.

Big Bang member DaeSung will not be participating at the concert. He got into a car accident in August, and even though he has successfully undergone an operation recently for his injuries incurred during the accident, he is still recuperating from his injuries.

He has joined the team on Family Outing for filming on 21st September for 2 days and 1 night, but for now, he will not be doing broadcast activities. Hence he will not be joining the other 4 Big Bang members for Dream Concert.

Then there was group 2PM. After leader JaeBum left the group and returned to Seattle following his MySpace messages saga, the group will be promoting as 6 members.

This will be the first time the rest of the 6 members perform together on stage after the saga. They have not been on any broadcast or schedule for the past month due to this. But the production company has decided not to air their performance.

Lastly, group Super Junior will also be missing KangIn for Dream Concert this year. This follows the assault case involving KangIn in September. It was decided that he will not be performing with the rest of the Super Junior members for this concert.

Meanwhile, the MCs for Dream Concert this year will be Kim HeeChul and Song JiHyo.

source: kbites


It seems as if Korean boybands have been rather unlucky for the second half of this year, DBSK/SM lawsuit, JaeBum leaving 2PM and KangIn’s incident AND Kibum being MIAing for the past couple of months… It really makes a girl wonder if she should just boycott the entire Korean boyband industry for a week just to see how the entertainment industry would react.

– Steph


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3 responses to “[News] Big Bang-Super Junior-2PM to be missing 1 member each for Dream Concert this year

  1. dominoSH

    so kangin isn’t there…what about kibum? i think he isnt there also?

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