Family Outing Ep64 (Big Bang’s SeungRi & SS501’s HyunJoong)

Ok, my very first review! I’m practicing so that I’ll be prepared to review You’re Beautiful when it’s out on Oct 7! Super excited :):):)

I love watching family outing because it makes me laugh ALOT but I never came around to doing an episode review, but now seems like the right time because this episode was one of the most anticipated ones. Why? Because it has Seung ri and Hyun Joong!! Just to give a head ups, I’m a HUGE Seungri fan, I like Hyun Joong too, but yeah, SEUNGRI for me!

So to start, here’s Seung Ri who will be replacing DaeSung for this episode cause he was in the hospital.

I laughed so much when I saw Seungri getting out of the car in his Strong Baby suit! I mean I love the song cause it’s really catchy but I didn’t like his image in it. Too much touching XD

Anyway, Seungri thinks he’s all COOL until he sees this: A shiny Jihoo sunbae (HyunJoong)

So they do the opening and find their way to the house before they head over to the sea to go diving for seafood. It was pretty entertaining at the seaside. Seungri wore his diving suit the wrong way around and he looks like a little kid once he changed out of his suit. Then the three idols, Hyun joong, Seung Ri and Hyori pretended to be baywatch lifeguards XD

Once in the water, Seungri caught the first abalone after Jaesuk failed to submerge himself. MC YOO is so fail everywhere!!! Gotta love him!

And at the other end, Hyun Joong can’t seem to be able to dive as well… which resulted in him having seaweed hair

hee hee while Seungri catches a big octopus

Once they were done catching dinner, it was time for a game. It was pretty straight forward. Spin around 5 times then run to the bar. They had to carry each other so that one could reach the squid ring tied to the bar. This game is hilarious! Everyone was stepping and climbing on each other. The first round was between Seungri and Jongshin VS hyun joong and hae jin. Guess who won? Hyun joong nearly got it but in the end victory goes to SEUNGRI and Jongshin

And here we find out who’s the mother of idol groups!

In the deciding round, it was between Seungri and Hyori VS hyun joong and shi yeon. Seungri and hyori did a little couple dance before the round started. The whole episode was just full of Strong baby’s crack crack and BOF’s Almost paradise~

Hyori’s grabbing on Seungri’s hair! LOL and she even lifted him up XD Hyori got the squid first in the end! how did she balance on his shoulder like that O_0

Back on land, hyun joong was tasked with getting the sea cucumber. It’s looks really slimy. I have never eaten one before, not to mention eating it raw! but if it’s hyun joong preparing it for me, I probably won’t be able to say no XD He’s pretty grossed out to touch it at first but he cut it in the end after concluding that once the water was out of it, it wasn’t that bad after all.

Later they are split into 3 teams: Market team, vegetable team and cooking team. Let’s follow the market team first. The team comprises of: Jaesuk, Jongshin and Seungri! They decide to be nice and buy clothes for the family. First they pick out a super mini grey workout shirt for Jongkook! and just in case he wanted a choice, they got him a pink dress as well LOL

A fairy outfit for Hyori in an attempt to make her less aggressive

And let’s not forget Shi yeon, specially picked for her by Seungri no less! *Jealous* WOW! look at the amount of people following them around at the market!

And what to get for our Jihoo sunbae? A electronic fly swatter cause he’s scared of moths

Time to eat without letting the others know 🙂 They decided to carry Seungri around too because they say that’s what they have to do for Maknaes (youngest) Look at Seungri! Like a little kid XD

OH look! The vegetable team on a date! I think Hyun Joong said somewhere before that Hyori was his ideal woman?

He stepped on poop! Apparently it always happened when he’s around her XD

The market team is backed and a fashion show starts! OMG at the guys!!!! Kim Jong Kook is soooo shy. He’s so muscular and tan and he’s like trying to hide his chest from the camera and LOL at MC YOO’s intersection joke about the back of KJK! They forced MC Yoo to wear the pink dress and Hyun Joong too, although he did enjoy it O_0 AND they made Jongshin wear a skirt as a tube top! *Chokes*

Fairy Hyori! It’s so funny how she tries to act all girly and gentle while wearing this

While cooking dinner, the family decided to have a lesson on posing for album jackets. Remember Seungri’s poses? The fingers coming to life thing that G-dragon joked about during Come To Play? Well, MC Yoo was the MC there and he brought this topic to family! What happens next is that everyone started to show their own poses. Hyunjoong’s sexy pose (Jaesuk imitating him), KJK and Hyori’s old school idol pose XD Hyori says all the old poses for girl groups was like praying! (they even showed a old picture of her) and Jongshin’s theory that ballad singers didn’t need to look at cameras, that all they did was smile to themselves!!

Seungri and Jaesuk imitating TOP XD

AND that’s all for this episode! They called Daesung as well during dinner which was really sweet but Seungri and Daesung sounded awkward… Intimate note didn’t help much?

Before watching this episode, I was afraid that Seungri was going to be overshadowed by hyun joong and the BOF vibe but it worked out well, although Seungri was really serious at first and Jaesuk had to tell him to not think too much and speak comfortably. Seungri always said he was envious of Daesung being on Family Outing, so I hope he had fun while he was there. I still wish it was Daesung and Seungri though, just like what they had with GD and TOP. Hyun Joong could have his own episode as well:) so that they didn’t have to worry if the other was getting less attention. There were times in the episode where I felt like after one of the guest talked, they had to make sure the other didn’t feel left out. Oh well, it was still a really good episode and I can’t wait for the next!! The preview at the end showed them having a mini idol concert in the forest!

I’ve been away for so long that it felt weird loading up so many pics, LOL

CLICK HERE to watch episode 64! All the parts are at ramyunsoup channel

Ramensoupsubs:) Love them!



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  2. Jen

    hyori looks so pretty in the praying picture ^_^ I want her hair back like that !! woot

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