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Family Outing Ep64 (Big Bang’s SeungRi & SS501’s HyunJoong)

Ok, my very first review! I’m practicing so that I’ll be prepared to review You’re Beautiful when it’s out on Oct 7! Super excited :):):)

I love watching family outing because it makes me laugh ALOT but I never came around to doing an episode review, but now seems like the right time because this episode was one of the most anticipated ones. Why? Because it has Seung ri and Hyun Joong!! Just to give a head ups, I’m a HUGE Seungri fan, I like Hyun Joong too, but yeah, SEUNGRI for me!

Are you ready??? LET’S GO!


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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Chp 5)

The Trial

~Prince Yunho~

“Bring the culprits in,” the Judge commanded.

Two guards dragged a sobbing Eris and a deeply shaken Ker into the centre of the courtroom.

“Coroner Mim, what are the results?” the Judge asked an old man seated at the far left corner of the courtroom. Coroner Mim bowed and made his way towards the centre of the courtroom, carefully avoiding the two maids as if wary that one of them might suddenly produce a knife and stab him.

“Your Honour, I am deeply regretful to say that we were unable to save Physician Ko. He was killed instantly by a blow to his neck. From our experience, it seems like he was pushed violently and smashed his neck against the edge of the table,” Coroner Mim said and passed a thick scroll to the Judge.

“He…he… di…died?” Eris whimpered and looked up at Ker. Ker did not seem to hear her as she continued to stare blankly at the floor.

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091004 Star Dance Chuseok Special Battle (Super Junior & SHINee)

School starts tmr T_T after a REALY REALLY SHORT break.

I miss fangirling!! I didn’t have time to watch the whole show, so just Super Junior & SHINee for now!

I love love love SHINee here! Their style is much better than during the Juliette days and Key’s hair… I like! They performed Boys on Top, the original song is Girls on Top by BoA

credits: randy19973@yt

SuJu!!!! LOVE IT! They added stuff from other stars and everything came out so well!!!

credits: TYPICALpocky@yt


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091003 SBS Idol Big Show (G-dragon, Big Bang, 2NE1)

Big Bang & 2NE1: Last Farewell & How Gee

Big Bang!!!!! Still no DaeSung:(

TOP’s fringe is SO LONG!

credits: BabyB0ngaholic@yt

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon-Hello (Feat. Sandara)
I love dara BUT what is she wearing?! and G-dragon’s necklace XD is that a Chanel style? This performance is really cute! esp the beginning with GD!

Bigbang’s G-dragon- Breathe

2NE1 – Let’s Go Party

2NE1 – Fire Remix

21YGL has uploaded the whole show!


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