[Review] Stage of Youth

Just finished the chinese drama ‘Stage of Youth’ starring Hangeng from Super Junior so I thought of writing a review for this series as I really liked it:).

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead.


From Wikipedia:

Xia Lei (Han Geng) is a young man who loves to dance. His father is a top archery athletic and since Xia Lei’s mother passed away, had missed the opportunity to compete in the last Olympics. His father wants him to follow in his footsteps. Yet, Xia Lei only has a passion for dancing. After going through conflicts with his father, meeting constant tribulation and challenges, and gaining the determination, he finally reached his dreams, and becomes the new generation of dancing star.

My thoughts on the plot :

I was initially planning to watch the drama because Hangeng starred in it, but I was rather satisfied with how the plot flowed throughout the show. Even though the plot was simple ie. a man with a passion for dancing never gives up and finally achieves his dreams of becoming the next dancing star; there were still many twists in the story that kept me … what’s that word again.. ahhh.. hooked on:) I must say the father-son relationship was fairly well developed and you can always feel this tension between them throughout the whole drama. Xia Lei’s father’s constant dissapproval of his son’s career in dancing and Xia Lei’s never-ending rebellious attitude towards his father’s opinions; you really get an insight into an asian parent’s view towards the entertainment industry — that is is not a stable career, something that is looked down upon by most Asian parents. I guess most stars (with an Asian background) would have had that experience with their parents before their debuts or before they became famous. However, if you do take the parent’s point of view, you would also empathize with them as it is true that working in the entertainment industry is not stable (just look at the number of artists who became famous for a few years before disappearing from the industry altogether). Whichever the case, this plot shows us perfectly the dilemma, anger, fustration, defiance of these passionate and talented young adults who breakaway from their comfort zones, to pursue a dream that they believe in. It’s no wonder I like this show:)

One thing I would have liked better in the show was more development in the relationship between Xia Lei/ Momo and Zhenyi/ A-Bo. Maybe if the drama was a little longer? Hmmmm….

Xia Lei ( Hangeng) :

I was AMAZEd with Hangeng’s acting skills. I must say he is a natural. However, we must also take into consideration that Hangeng is acting as someone he is familiar with. What I mean is that Xia Lei is very much like Hangeng in terms of his passion for dancing. Xia Lei is an underdog in the entertainment industry and even though he has never been through any formal training in dancing or singing, he has much talent in both. Hangeng manages to portray this humble and determined character very well and I was very touched by the amount of sincerity that he showed through Xia Lei. I really hope Hangeng would act more in the future, I look forward in seeing him as a part-time actor if he has the time that is:)

Zhenyi (Joey Yung) :

I feel that Zhenyi is portrayed more as a younger sister than an older sister, or maybe that was how the character was meant to be? Nevertheless she comes by as a sweet person who has a lot of passion for archery. Zhenyi is a very innocent and pure girl and Joey portrays that character well. Joey also manages the serious side of Zhenyi well when she practices archery.

A-Bo ( Kenny Kwan) :

A-Bo is my favourite (other than Xia Lei of course) in the show. HE IS SO CUTE! Now this review on him will be rather bias as he really is cute! Not just his face but his actions/accent/acting. He is the best friend one can have; lending you his house, finding a job for you (literally!), taking pictures for you… the list goes one. I must say Kenny was the perfect choice in taking A-Bo’s role:)

Zhenhui ( Yumiko Cheng):

Now this is what I call powermama! Zhenhui is not your typical girlfriend-with-a-high-paying-job, but one who is really scary when she wants you to go her way. Not only is she talented in dancing, she also has a knack for spotting talents. Yumiko has the face and attitude that fits perfectly well with Zhenhui especially when portraying the ‘monster dance trainer’ for both Xia Lei and Ding Xiao.

Momo ( Huang Yi):

A highly competitive archer, Momo has her doubts towards Zhenyi’s visit to Beijing. Huang Yi seems very comfortable portraying this compeitive yet caring athelete.


Overall, I think that this drama is pretty good. Definitely a must watch for hangeng fans out there:)

That’s it for me now:) Holidays are nearing to an end.. how sad:(

– Steph


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4 responses to “[Review] Stage of Youth

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Michel

    I really want to finish this amazing drama, but
    although I’m Chinese, my Chinese is poor :$ So I understand more with English subs. But the problem is that only Thirdchapter subs the english subtitles for this and they are still till ep. 5 😦

    But anyways.. I love this drama and hope others will do too. 🙂

  3. Dabeast

    I was wondering were did you watch the drama? i really want to watch it but i can’t find episodes 9-20 with English subs. Can you help me out?

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