JaeChun Airport Pics

uhmm didn’t really bother looking at the dates but you get the sense that it’s recent and well it’s back and forth Japan – Korea trips. don’t really usually like posting airport pics coz sometimes it feels like we’re imposing on their privacy (ref The Micky Camera Incident) anyways..I thought Jaejoong’s style just really caught my eye in these pics..can I say he’s got the swagger of a legend haha..reminds me of Beyonce’s & Kanye West’s song ‘Ego’…

Credit: as tagged + dbsknights

He walk like this coz he can back it up~ XD

sorry not much. btw is it just me or do majority of korean men wear more or less the same type of sunglasses?? I mean like even the Korean tourists at Switzerland and here in SG when I see those specs and the way they dress I kinda know it’s a korean dude..just need to wait for them to start talking to confirm it 🙂


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