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THSK At ANation + JaeChun At Music Fair Vids

woooots! a live perf of Stand By U!!!I absolutely adore this song 🙂

Credit: sharingyoochun@YT

Credit: jhocelynnikitta2@YT

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International Hottests Call Out To Leadja From The Skies

International fans who wish for JaeBum, who had recently withdrawn from 2PM, to return to Korea, will display their message to JaeBum via a sky banner.

There are plans for international fans to put up a sky banner ‘J. What Time Is It Now’ in Seattle, where JaeBum is currently staying in, on 28th September at local time 2pm.


Regardless of what I think of the boycott, I think it’s really sweet. I would have said the money could have gone to better use but since the Hottests have already shown their altruism through charity work on Jay’s and 2PM’s behalf:

2PM fans, who have been engaging in various projects to withdraw JaeBum’s leaving from the group, has donated 10 million KRW for charity this time, getting the attention of many once again.

2PM’s fan union UnderGround has donated 10 million KRW on 25th September to Naver charity campaign ‘Happy Bean’, they also went down for a visit to the beneficiary children foundation on the same day.

Fans said, “While charity act is most of the time a one-off thing, we will continue with this charity work this time.”

They added, “JaeBum’s incident has very close relation with the societal proble of the local and overseas Korean society. So following this fund raising campaign, we hope to let our overseas beneficiaries know of our Korean culture.”

I guess it just remains to be a very sweet gift for Jaebum. Whatever he wants to do, let’s just hope for his happiness and success. And be thankful that good things have come out of this mess 🙂

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Too Cute DBSK Fanart + Too Cute Micky @ Music Fair

haha i tried to merge two updates into one the basis of cuteness as opposed to on the basis of my laziness heh.

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JaeChun Airport Pics

uhmm didn’t really bother looking at the dates but you get the sense that it’s recent and well it’s back and forth Japan – Korea trips. don’t really usually like posting airport pics coz sometimes it feels like we’re imposing on their privacy (ref The Micky Camera Incident) anyways..I thought Jaejoong’s style just really caught my eye in these pics..can I say he’s got the swagger of a legend haha..reminds me of Beyonce’s & Kanye West’s song ‘Ego’…

Credit: as tagged + dbsknights

He walk like this coz he can back it up~ XD

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