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2PM Wallpapers

Source/Credit: deviantart + showallpaper + as tagged + Google

heheh as you can see i kinda got them from everywhere by google so if i left out credits that you want me to add please tell me XD

i felt nostalgic after the Jun Bros perf so I thought I’d go look for some sources of wallpapers to share. Sighh hope everything goes well for 2PM 6, or 7 of them. But seriously if Jaebum decides he doesn’t want to come back yet, people should just back off him. Let him live his life the way he sees fit. He is not a commodity to be owned and controlled.

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Micky’s Cyworld Updates + JaeChun Shelter Fanmade MV


i miss DBSK too TT___TT (and 2pm for that matter. september has been rotten)

Source : Yoochun’s Cyworld
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2PM’s Jun Brothers A Supermodel Contest 2009

for once, thank go for fancams. 2PM needs to be on air!

Credit: saraa16bb@YT

Members JunSu and JunHo performed for 2009 Super Model Contest on 25th September in KyeongNam. They performed the songs ‘Only You’ and ‘Love’.

JunSu and JunHo said, “We are sorry we could not be as 7 members. But we are here to carry out the promise we made with everyone, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the performance.”

That day, over 5,000 audience turned up despite the rain and many were fans present to give support to JunHo and JunSu for their performance.

Source: as tagged + sookyeong

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