Does WooYoung Not Have Fans Too?

Add to that five other questions:Does Taecyeon not have any fans? Does Junsu not have any fans? Does Nickhun not have any fans? Does Junho not have any fans? Does Chansung not have any fans?

And another one: Who are Hottests without 2PM?

This reminds me of a Malay proverb: Yang Dikejar Tak Dapat Yang Digendong Keciciran – which means what you’re running after, you do not get and what you have you also lose.

Like I said before, protest responsibly people. How about a protest to bring whatever of 2PM as quickly back on stage as possible?

Source: sookyeong + wooyoung’s minihoompy

A new post posted by 2PM member WooYoung on his minihompy recently has once again raised the attention from fans and netizens.

In his new post, he wrote the words, “It’s so frustrating. Why do fans not understand our mind?”.

He wrote the post on 22nd September at 3.59pm:

It’s so frustrating
Why is it that our fans do not understand our mind?

Jaebum’s mind
Jin Young hyung’s mind
and our mind

I’m frustrated to death


Because the world is screwed dear Wooyoung~

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