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Kangin charged with assault?

On Sept 16th around AT 3AM, the police received a report that there was a fist-fight between the guests in one of Seoul Gangnam’s pub. The police said that Kangin and 3 other people (1 person was the person he went with and the other two is another guest) was involved in act of violence. The police thought he was a witness, but the suspects stated that Kangin was involved in the fight, thus the police considered that statement and arrested him for further investigation, although Kangin said the he didn’t involve on it.

addition from this article by news.mk.co.kr that the Seoul Gangnam police is still working on the investigation, and around 12:00 KRT they’ll tell precisely about the case.

(Kangin is no longer under their custody, he has returned home)


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Major sigh… what’s up with fandom these days?? dbsk.. 2PM now SuJu?! T____T


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