[Review] Heading to the Ground (Ep 1)

Heading to the Ground is OUT! ( Officially since the 9th of September:))

Read on for review

I must say I have been rather excited or very enthusiastic to be more specific in light of Yunho’s new drama. Being a freshman in acting, Yunho has much criticisms to look forward to, not to mention those sabre-toothed critics who love to dig a hole in one’s pride. HOWEVER, I must say I enjoyed his role as Bong Gun despite reading some critics of the drama. Of course there were those awkward moments, but hey, everyone starts off as a beginner and to be honest, I thought some of those moments were rather cute and funny.

Throughout the first episode, we see Bong Gun as a passionate and caring guy who absolutely adores soccer; to the extent that his girlfriend leaves him and marries another guy. I have to admit that Bong Gun is a rather funny guy ie. His present for his girlfriend was to carry her and turn a full circle around Yong Dam Island. Yes, it is a really sweet move, in some ways real cute, but definitely not the best present. Yunho manages to portray this innocent and cute side of Bong Gun really well through his goofy actions and facial expressions. (Girls you have to watch it! Such cute expressions are a MUST:)) I also like how he calls Yeon Yi (Lee Yoon Ji) ‘Oh Potato’.. kawaii:)

I think overall, Yunho’s performance was good and I am expecting much improvement as the show continues which I think he is capable of doing so:)

Hope you all enjoyed my first review…. not too good, but I will work on it:)

For now, enjoy the scenes from episode 1:

~ Steph 🙂

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