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THSK Winter Breath CF & Who’s the Best Gigolo

haha if you’re going WTFish? then continue reading hehe…Introducing Mr Jae the Gigolo with a good heart hahhaha~ 

Excerpt from 090906 BigEastStation YooJaeSu:

JJ: Let’s take a look at the next message from **, “Does Korea have gigolo clubs? If there are, who will be the famous one amongst TVXQ members?
YC: For me, I think there will be two of them, yes, it has to be these two. We can call these two as “S-Line,” who are none other than JunSu and JaeJoong. JunSu ah~ Full of charisma and very attractive, though his character is just so so… (JS: HAHAHA…) This is what I think. JaeJoong ah~ Looks like a doll, is pretty and is stylish.
JS: Cold, cold too…
YC: Even though he seems cold to people…
JS: Giving a very calm feeling, that’s…
JS: That kind of a bad-boy image, that’s how he attracts so many girls.
JJ: No, no…
JS: YA. That’s really nothing…
JJ: No, cannot! If I’m a gigolo, I can’t speak eloquently.
YC: Then you are a gigolo with a good heart?
JS: You can only say it if you really meant it in your heart…
JJ: If I’m a gigolo, at least I have to be one who’s able to move people’s hearts.
JS: How about YooChun? Can’t? But YooChun really does have his “S-Line,” you can do it…
JJ: Eh. YooChun can do it, yes.
YC: Maybe I should give it a try…

Source: TVXQ-MY
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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And then their new Pinky Mints Winter Breath CF:


Credit: dreammssxxJJ@YT 

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SMTown Summer Songs

Credit: yaziz7@YT

i agree that this is WAYYYYY better than the crap SM came out with 😀 Fans are the best hahaha~ 

credit: eijisatoshi

shinee scar fancam! 🙂

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BEG’s Again & Again

Credit: codemonmonseason4@YT

wow! that was really awesome! freshhh~



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Wooyoung Sticks Up for Jaebom

oh the double edged sword that is the Internet. The puzzling reality of the existence of so many people who have nothing better to do than make a mountain out of a molehill~ 

Allkpop reported that in means of encouraging his fellow 2PM member, Jaebom, WooYoung had posted, “2PM, we’re not 7 members. We are One.” On his Cyworld on September 6th, he even posted a picture of the 7 members that was taken during a photoshoot, and set his homepage song to NRG’s “Friend.” But being the harsh netizens that they are, WooYoung’s homepage was bombarded with comments stating that he was only covering up for his own 2PM member. In reply, WooYoung deleted the encouragement he posted, which again stirred up more controversies. As of now, WooYoung’s mini-homepage does not have any new posts.

JYPE said, “Nothing has been planned in relation to Jaebeom’s schedule for now.” 


How ridiculous is this?? 

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Colours~Melody & Harmony MV

Credit: zutegach@YT


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Inkigayo Highlights

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