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Sandara Parks Solo Single

Fans will be able to purchase the single album on 7th September. The song will also be included in 2NE1’s new album scheduled for October. Dara’s upcoming single is titled “Kiss” and will feature fellow 2NE1 member and leader, CL. No news about Minzy was available, but YG has said that solo works for Park Bom and CL are currently being prepared, so watch out for that.

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Jaejoong Is A Female Holy Spirit?Say WHAT?

Credit: ammysorry@YT

oh my oh my~ there are various versions to this going around but Thai Cassies are ‘cooperating’ in solving this mystery. Some say that because Thais believe that there are spirits in trees someone photoshopped JJ’s photo in. But maybe there IS a tree spirit who looks like Jaejoong???And those who don’t know TVXQ may actually believe that “She” may be a beautiful tree spirit. haha~ Looks like visual shock – platinum hair and all – is proving a little too shocking for some Thais.Haha wonder how he’d react to this. Someone with links please forward it to him hahaha!

Picture from Thai show

Picture from Golden Fishery

OR MAYBE!! The tree spirit is also a Cassie who has like a poster size of this pic hanging from his/her tree! Who knows~DBSK has LOTS of fans worldwide and cross-worlds haha XD

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