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Jaebom Apologizes For MySpace Comments

It seems that someone’s out to get Jae when comments made during his trainee days about being in Korea were dug out. Understandably, as he had also explained, those days were not easy for him to fit in but there’s always something about comments like these that can stir up patriotism and slamming. But in any case Jaebom has also released an official apology. I say he deserves some slack. Everyone complains about their country. It’s kinda hypocritical to condemn him just coz he’s famous right~

Jaebom’s apology:

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JJ & Micky’s Colours~Melody&Harmony~ Full

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f(x) Music Core Debut & 4minute Muzik

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personally i’m not a big fan of f(x). other than because they remind me of functions and add maths, I think they lack the punch and power of 2ne1 and 4minute, or the sexy sophistication of BEG and Jewelry. Their costumes also makes them look as if they didn’t have time to decide on a proper image/group theme. Amber also reminds me too much of Kim Hyun Joong so it feels kinda weird like its Hyun Joong and the girls. hehe~ just my personal opinion. can’t expect me to like every single act that pops up in the kpop world right. But it still amazes me how they manage to get such a good fanbase even before debuting.

like i was saying…4minute’s perf really hits you and you wanna get up dancing or something.


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