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090904 Zoom in – Pinky CM Preview

Sorry for lacking behind on dbsk stuff again, hopefully Taqiah will be free over the weekend, if not I might be free next week. Really sorry about this guys. Year 2 in Uni is killing us.

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Always Keep The Faith Tattoo- JaeChun

Chunnie looks tired T.T

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The best thing about this whole week: 2PM!!! It’s their first year anniversary!! yay! *throw confetti everwhere* I’m loving them more and more especially after watching wild bunny XD

Can’t believe it’s been a year even though I only knew about them around April this year *I know I’m slow* Anyways, I’m really happy for them and I hope that their comeback which I think will be in October will be absolutely fabulous! AND I also hope that on this day next year, we will be celebrating their second year anniversary!

ANDDDD lest’s celebrate today with Wild Bunny episode 7! I was looking forward to this the whole week. Life pretty much suck right now except small joys like this^^

I wish I have the time write a review for this episode but I have an exam coming up T_T I hate mid sems, I swear I am becoming depress with the amount of work I have this semester. Anyhows, enjoy this epsiode:) A big thanks to time2sub2 for subbing!!

Part 1

Part 2

Click here for more parts

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