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2NE1 Does FILA And A Reggae Version of I Don’t Care

hehe sorry for contracting two topics into one. running outta time for blogging D: 

Popular group 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ reggae remix version has received overwhelming response.

YG Entertainment said, “The reggae remix version of ‘I Don’t Care’ revealed on SBS Inkigayo on 30th August has received good response. We have requests for the reveal of this new version of the song the next day of broadcast. After some discussion, we have decided to release the song officially on online music sites on 3rd September.”

On SBS Inkigayo, the girls have performed the song with the song with a different reggae feel. And also they have shed all the colourful clothes they don all this while and wore the matured feminine image for the performance that day.

After broadcast, netizens have given the song all sorts of nicknames like ‘No-dance version’, ‘Scar version’, ‘Unplugged version’ etc.

Meanwhile, the girls will end their promotions for ‘I Don’t Care’ and will perform other songs from their minialbum from September.

And then the solo FILA shots 🙂

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Yunho HTTG FC Hot Shot

I tried to be creative with the title but so much for that. Let’s just move on to the vid and pics 😀

Credit: OneTVXQ@YT


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2PM/2AM/Oneday Comeback?

As you can see a fan tweeted JYP asking when the boys will be back and there it is! OCTOBER!!!I can’t waitttttt!! XD

There were even rumours of a full debut in the USA for 2PM but JYP has said that those are unconfirmed though he did say that he would like to plan a JYP Family tour in the States. Well all the best for 2PM + 2AM + Oneday!! XD

Source: allkpop

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SS501 Is Going To Malaysia!

If you don’t already know. And if you’re a big enough fan. And near enough to Malaysia. Or in Malaysia… SS501 will be there tomorrow 3rd Sept. Okay it would probably be too late by the time I post it up but if it’s not too late go hurry there! haha~ 

SS501 will be releasing a special DVD for their fans.

SS501 who just completed their 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul last month, has flew to Malaysia to film a special DVD to repay the fans for their support. They are currently in the midst of their 4D3N filming trip in Kota Kinabalu from 31st August – 3rd September. Besides footage from their Malaysia trip, this special DVD will also include recent performance footage of SS501. The DVD named, Hallyu DVD Collection: Five Men’s Five Years in 2005~2009 will be released at the end of October in Korea and Japan at the same time.

After ending their filming, the SS501 boys will be heading to the One World Hotel in Selangor, Malaysia on 3rd September, at around 6pm for a fansigning event where admission is upon purchase of their CD.

 Source: coolsmurf@allkpop 

More info from kbites

Fan Signing of SS501 in Malaysia!

ONE WORLD HOTEL (Jasmine & Orchid Function Room, Level C)
first avenue
bandar utama city centre
47800 petaling jaya
selangor, malaysia

general +603 7681 1111
direct fax +603 7681 1112

website www.oneworldhotel.com.my

TIME : 3rd September 2009 @ 6.00 p.m. 

Entrance is upon purchase of a CD

http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=49706797181see post atWarner Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook


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Taec The Nerd

hahahaha! He sooo cuteeee! So he has brains, beauty and brawn. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! XD

On the latest episode of KBS Sang Sang Plus, Taecyeon said:

“During my school years, I was a very quiet boy. All I did was study. With my thick glasses, I received no attention.

When I said I was going to tryout to be a singer, nobody believed me. I guess I could’ve just continued studying, but my mom said, it’s better to live an interesting and fun life, than a boring life, and pushed me to tryout.”

Jaebeom then stated:

“At first, Taecyeon was a horrible dancer. But now, a miracle has happened.”

To which, Taecyeon jokingly replied:

“Most likely, I was chosen for my good looks.”

On the episode, Jaebeom also revealed that he was a B-Boy in the states and showed off his impressive dance moves. In addition, Nichkhun revealed that he auditioned while he was training to become a professional badminton player.

The episode of Sang Sang Plus aired on September 1st, 2009. 

Source: johnnydorama@allkpop

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DBSK Have No Intentions to Disband

Excellent news for any TVXQ/DBSK fans out there – according to an interview on Aug 31 with the Japanese paper Goodday Sports, TVXQ has expressed no plans or intentions to disband despite the lawsuit controversy with SM Ent. Though this bit of information started circulating once the controversy had cooled a bit, it’s nice to hear this coming from the mouths of the five members themselves.

In the interview, the quintet expressed their excitement for their growing popularity in Japan. Leader Yunho felt that their fan count was increasing; the Tokyo Dome concert was a success and the recent video release has become a hot issue. They also discussed international plans in coming months and rejected rumors of disbandment.

“[We hope that] all five members can attend the end of the year music programmes,” Yunho expressed during the interview in reference to Kohaku in Japan & Gayo Daejeon / Music Festivals in Korea. Junsu later added, “following this, all five members will continue to do activities together. We want to grow with our fans.”

Furthermore, each member, including those involved in the legal dispute, gave a reassuring message to fans:

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