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2PM’s Wild Bunny Ep6

OMG I just saw what Taqiah posted about DBSK T_T Can’t concentrate (I’m in school, doing project), *cries*

Anyways, here is 2PM Wild Bunny Ep6 for everyone! It’s worth a watch^^

Part 1

Part 2

More parts here

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2NE1 Wins Again With NEW Remix Of I Don’t Care

Credit: yuriyuri1111@YT

woots 2NE1!


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2PM Wants To Know…

In a recent interview with Nate News, the 2PM boys revealed that they were curious about three things and would like netizens to help clear things up. Their three questions were as follows:

1. “We’ve noticed the increasing love from fans. We’re really thankful for all the love and support, but we would like to know WHY. What are 2PM’s strong points as singers?”

2. “2PM is always showing fans our real selves. But even so, fans still want to know our true characters. Why would they want to know about our private lives? We’re just the way we’re portrayed.”

3. “Whenever I watch shows on tv, a lot of people say that they’re fans of mine. But when I leave the office or attend fan events, not many people give me presents or seem excited to see me. Is that because I’m a difficult person to approach?”


hmmm~ what say you? are there any ‘Hottests’ who come to fanaholic? How’d you answer these questions?

I’m not the biggest ever 2PM fan but i must say that as singers, their songs reflect the taste of the modern youth; catchy and energetic – and i guess some of the angst you get especially since they have the ‘beast’ image resonates with teen fans’ emotional states too…? to Chansung’s question..perhaps people have come to notice that TV is TV not reality so there’s always the lingering doubt that that’s really them on screen. And lastly…I can’t answer Nick’s question due to a lack of fanmeet opportunities as a result of being born in the wrong part of Asia hahaha~

i feel lik i’m doing tutorial questions in the module of the sociology of 2PM hahaha


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Baek Ji Young & Taec Remixes Hate While JYP Spins New Hits

lalalala~ my titles are not making sense. if you must know i watch WTB on YT alot and he influences my title structuring alot (ignore and proceed if you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about :DDDD)

Credit: yuriyuri1111@YT

well..i prefer the original. coz like…6 really important people are missing.haha. and taec sounds pissed off. more than his ‘beast idol’ self usually is kinda.

and meanwhile Da Man JYP’s been ‘tweet’-ing about his progress with the 2PM full album:


Where do I find time to make music? Making 2pm’s 2nd song in da plane back to da Wonder Girls!”


woots! go JYP! I’m totally anticipating a FULL 2PM album!XD


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Jaejoong & Micky’s ‘Been So Long’ M-Flo Tribute

Amidst the uncertainty with regards to the lawsuit I think Denise and I will always be supporting all of DBSK even in their solo activities and we’ll try as much as we can to keep up with the news 😀


Jap group M-Flo will be celebrating their 10th anniversary and so some of the best artistes in the Jpop scene have been gathered to compile their Tribute Album by covering their songs.

Artists on the album:
Aoyama Teruma – “Come Again”
BENI – “Love or Truth”
COMA-CHI – “Planet Shining”
Jaejoong and Yoochun from Tohoshinki – “Been So Long”
Marie – “Comeback to Me”
May J.& JONTE – “Miss You”
Misono – “Simple & Lovely”
Shimizu Shota – “Let Go”
YU-A – “The Love Bug”
Nisino – “Yours Only”

The album will be released September 16th.

Here’s a sample of Micky & Jae’s cover and also the original song by M-Flo

Credit: farahyuchun3@YT

Credit: mflo10yrs@YT

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TVXQ Group Activites Suspended

Source: coolsmurf@allkpop

TVXQ will be suspending their group activities pretty soon after completing all their planned schedules. This is largely due to the lawsuit filed by JaeJoong, Micky and Xiah against SM Entertainment for their slavery contract to be amended.

As spoken in the aftermath of the lawsuit, TVXQ will complete their planned schedules before the lawsuit was filed which will end on 29th August. Beyond that, TVXQ will be taking a “vacation”, with regards to group activities, although solo activities will continue.

There are still two live performances for fans to catch TVXQ together as a group before their vacation, the first being A-Nation in Osaka, Japan and their Shanghai concert.

The court has already heard both sides of the story from SM Entertainment and the TVXQ trio (JaeJoong, Micky and Xiah) earlier. Although the court has advised both parties to sit down and settle their differences, it’s kind of unlikely that a solution would be reached at this juncture. The ruling of the case will be decided on 11th September, where fans all over the world would be glued to their computers, hoping that TVXQ will still exist as a group.


Que sera, sera~ but Cassies will always have faith in TVXQ! Fighting!

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