2PM & 2AM Wild Bunny Parody of BEG’s Abracadabra

credits: Symbelmyns@yt

OMG. Make sure you are not eating or drinking while watching this, you might just end up spitting at your computer screen. I knew this was going to be funny while watching 2PM’s wild bunny episode 5 when they were discussing about it but OMG, this is more than I had expected.

I feel disturbed, traumatized and just OMG while watching this. Taec was funny and amusing with his expressions (0:25, 0:27) and I kinda liked Wooyoung’s apple hair but OMG JoKwon is seriously *I am speechless* He’s sooo into it, and some parts just felt so wrong. AND what’s up with SeulOng’s lips?! AND Chansung’s solo left me LOLing so hard, and the banana??

After all that, I’m still looking forward to wild bunny 6! What’s wrong with me? Btw, I’m a 2PM fan (Taec and Wooyoung are love), but this parody doesn’t really fit with me even though it was highly amusing and entertaining.


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