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Always Keep the Faith…The Album??

I’m in the process of finding out more about this but for now here’s some info about this ‘album’…

Haha ok nvm i found out it was something to chill out from all the lawsuit stress hehe. it shows i’ve been studying more than fangirling. mum should be proud hahaha~


“The five members of TVXQ return for the first time after overcoming the hardships they faced!They started off with a bang with a special album full of songs composed by the members themselves.This album can be reveiwed as an album full of love for their fans who have believed in and waited for them.

“Reviewer – DNBN SangsangYaechan

Album Name: Always Keep the Faith

Artist: TVXQ

Album Type: Domestic/Studio

Agency: Cassiopeia Ent.

Stars: Five stars (10 out of 10│ there are 1226 reviews)

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2NE1’s 10Asia Interview Part 2

10asia (10): How did you learn to dance, Minzy? Even before your debut, your video was a subject of conversation.
Minzy: I really enjoyed dancing when I was young. I used to watch and copy the dance to YG Family’s “Fly Gentleman” music video. I learned more and more about hip-hop that way. In elementary school, I even attended a dance academy. I learned hip-hop dance first.

10: It’s beyond the level of being possible simply from learning it.
Minzy: I kept practicing how to freestyle dance. I practiced freestyle constantly for two years. When I went into the practice room, I’d just turn on the music and dance. When I dance like that, I don’t even know how I’m doing it.
Bom: She can make new moves when listening to music to the point that I’m awed. I’m surprised everytime I see it.

10: Did you directly make the chest-popping move in “Fire”?
Minzy: It came out as an ad lib while filming the music video and it was included.

10: Music videos must reflect your personal opinions a lot.
CL: Director Seo Hyun Seung has worked on our videos since “Fire” so we have a very good mutual understanding.

10: G-Dragon appears in the music video too.
CL: He appeared for just a moment when he came to visit, but that was included.
Minzy: And the director used it. (Laughs.)

10: You met like that to film the music video, and the debut was decided. How did you feel when you went up on stage for the first time?
CL: It was really chaotic because President [Yang], Teddy sunbae, G-Dragon and Daesung sunbaes came that day, but I felt really secure. We said, “Let’s play!” like usual and went up.

10: Is there a specific moment following your debut when you thought, “We’ve really become 2ne1″?
Bom: I get that feeling a lot when watching 2ne1 TV.
CL: It seems pretty natural because we’ve been together for years, although we just recently became a group.

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More on JaeChunSu VS SMEnt

Unsatisfied with their treatment under their managing company, members of Korean superstar boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki, namely Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun have brought their case to court.

However, once the hearing is held and if the members lose their case, a compensation sum of approximately 10.6 billion TWD will have to be paid, tantamount to forcing them into a tight corner.

At the beginning of this month, news of the three members being dissatisfied with SM Entertainment and wanting to leave had begun to surface. In return, SM declared publicly that there was no such thing, and even professed that if they wanted to leave, then they would have to pay to do so.

Once the news of this got out, the 800 thousand strong fan base of Dong Bang Shin Ki almost immediately took action, firstly by using the cancellation of the SM Town Concert to start a boycott of SM products as a form of support for their idols.

SM Entertainment has also seemingly not cared much about all of these measures fans have been taking. Instead, SM has been registering the names of their popular groups such as Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) as well as Dong Bang Shin Ki, in order to prevent Dong Bang Shin Ki from starting over elsewhere.

According to news reports, a seminar where media experts and scholars came together to discuss this problem all stood on DBSK’s side, saying that SM has used DBSK merely for profit, and the amount that they are paid every year, five miliion TWD, is ridiculous.

Now that DBSK wants their freedom back, the price that they have to pay is far too much, and purely a device to back them into a corner that they cannot retreat out of.

The “Dong Bang Shin Ki Seminar”, co-held by fans, scholars and media experts, was held in order to examine what would happen in the case if the three members lost the case: the end result would be to pay the 10.6 billion TWD compensation sum.

Thus, fans have denounced SM as a bloodsucking company, and they wish to voice out for their idols via the SM boycott.

A/N: 10.6 hundred million TWD = 10,600,000,000 TWD = 401620143159 KRW. Please figure out the exact amount by yourself, the number is… huge.

10 600 000 000 Taiwan dollars = 401.778473 billion South Korean won
10 600 000 000 Taiwan dollars = 321 million U.S. dollars (321402040.5997)

Thank you so much iznt!

DBSK forced to a corner; freedom comes at a price of 10.6 billion TWD
SourceYahoo! News
Translated byhazel @ http://asianfanatics.net
Please take out with full credits.

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2AM For Maxim Style

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Nickhun For GQ

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TVXQ Tops in Thailand

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In the Channel V Music Video Awards 2009 held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 22nd, DBSK won the Most Popular Asian Artist 2009award.

The winner of the award was voted by netizens in an online poll which saw DBSK accumulating 48% of votes, beating out Big Bang, SHINee, Super Junior and the Wonder Girls. It must be noted that Super Junior got 47% of the votes.

Credit: ammysorry@YT


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