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Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong and UEE for Anycall Magic Hole Phone

yes the title is very long~I need to sleep soon @___@zzZZZzzz


hmmm~ the new lollipop phones still kinda look more awesome haha but KHJ and LMH are really cute and funny in these vids and that’s all that matters:D I use Samsung anyways XD


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2PM Pictorial Avalanche

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well it would seem that my school term will not allow me to slack as much as I usually do this sem @____@. Anywhooo since I’ve been K-pop deprived for the last week I should destress. Time For 2PM!!! haha~ Maybe I’ve been dreaming of them like literally, coz it’s been long since I blogged about them (time in terms of fangirl universe hehe XD)

This is a mish mash of all the photo updates from Cosmopolitan and W Magazine that I’ve missed

Starting with my favourite shot!


Denise apparently couldn’t tell Junho apart from the rest of the members. So Denise please acquaint yourself now haha 😀 I find him so extremey attractive for some reason 🙂


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Shinee in Shuukan Jyosei Magazine

Tohoshinki’s / DBSK’s younger brother, rumored newborn star came to Japan! After debuting last year they swept the rookie awards in Korea and topped the hit charts.

Korea’s Super Idol finally comes to Japan! Can’t help but support this five cute and fresh people. A Press conference was held in Tokyo the day after the fan meeting on August 10. It was big, and there were a lot of reporters (mostly female journalists) crowded in for their long-awaited visit to Japan.

ALL: Kagayaku SHINee desu! Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu (In Japanese) Hello, we are shining SHINee.

> Please let me hear the story before SHINee was formed.
Taemin: I was done the casting in the town, auditioned while practicing, and passed.
Onew: At that time, the debut has not been decided yet though we practiced together for 1 or 2 years.
Jonghyun: I think it was 2 years before that 5 of us, SHINee debuted.

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