G-dragon- ‘Heartbreaker’ album (Reviews + Pics + Youtube links + Download link)

소년이여(A Boy) I liked this song ever since I heard the preview last week. Definitely one of my favs^^

Heartbreaker What else can I say about this song? Read my post about the MV. I freaking love this.

Breathe I think he is promoting this alongside Heartbreaker. It’s quite catchy but I didn’t find it really distinctive, still enjoyed it though!

Butterfly(feat. Jin Jung) It has a very soft feel to it, also as if transporting you to a dreamworld, I think the name ‘Butterfly’ is very fitting, while listening to it, I felt light and floaty XD

Hello(feat. 2NE1 Dara) This song is ok for me, I liked the hello hello part and the beats are pretty good too.

Gossip Man(feat. Kim Gun Mo) One of my favs. Heard that the lyrics is about what he goes through, I should check it out soon.

Korean Dream(feat. Taeyang) Tae Yang! Awesome:)

The Leaders(feat. Teddy, CL) CL!! I love her ❤ and do I hear some Gee in this?

She’s Gone(feat. KUSH) One of the fiercer songs in the album. Not very hooked on to it yet:(

1년 정거장(Station 1 Year) Love this! The beat makes me wanna bob my head along with it:)

Download the Full album HERE at asianreloaded

Sorry for the short review! School work is really demanding T_T On a whole, i think the album is pretty awesome for his vol.1 and I can’t wait to watch him live performances!!

pic credits: yg


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