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[LYRICS] Super Junior – 카니발 (Carnival) [Romanized + Translations]

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Neol uihae junbihan oneul
Jjibjjib haettdeon ildeul da jiwobeoryeo
Haengbokhan kieokdeullo
Neoui mam kadeuk chaeugo sipeo
Nuneul kamgo nae soneul kkok jaba
Nal ddarawa nal mideobwa

Pureunbit badawa baeksajang
Ddaddeuthan haessal coconut island
Deonuni busin geon
Neoui misoya summer carnival
Oh-eh-oh, oh-eh-oh nan naheya~

Cheomiya ireon darkkomhan neukkim
Nae simjang kkongdak kkongdak
I want kiss, kiss, kiss
Darkkomhan kieokdeullo
Naega neoui mam kadeuk chaeugo sipeo
Nuneul kamgo nae soneul kkok jaba
Naeddarawa nal mideobwa

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090819 DBSK@ Gimpo (JaeChun)- going to Japan

credits: tvxqevent + leebbeuni+wlstl0321 + sori678+dbflqud88
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I think Yoochun lost his slipper?

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JYP Punishes WooYoung + Nickhun!

haha! I wonder what they did. But anyways it apparently turned out well in the end…


Other than this JYP also tweeted that he’s made a new song for 2PM’s new album which s slated for an October release!!! YAY! Can’t wait XD

2PM looks like they have alot of fun and they make great songs. On top of that JYP looks like a fun boss…unlike SoMeone else~

Source: allkpop + kbites

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These two days have been really hectic. I look forward to be able to update more in the next 3 days..but mannn am I tired today…haha haven’t adjusted to re-openng of school sighhhh~ 😦

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Kim So Eun & Shinee Behind the Scenes For Clride.n


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G-dragon- ‘Heartbreaker’ album (Reviews + Pics + Youtube links + Download link)

Breathe, Breathe, U ready?? Click here!

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