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G-dragon ‘Heart Breaker’ MV


I had a super super long day at school today T_T and half the time I was reminding myself that I had to check out G-dragon’s solo album. I haven’t heard the other songs yet, besides heartbreaker. I will try to do the review soon after I am done with my studying but for now enjoy his MV because it’s COOL. I love it fullstop or period, depending on the English you are used to XD

credits: timingisnow@yt

ANYWAYS…I love this video! I seriously love love love his platinum blond hair. I think it really suits him^^ He actually rocks the eyeliner as well although I’m a little freaked out by his eyes at some parts esp 2:23, what’s that about, I wonder XD I love the overall style as well especially his rings!! They are super rocking! *jealous*

At first I was kinda wondering about the excessive use of apples until I realised that maybe it had something to do with the whole Adam and Eve ‘apple thingy’. Something along the lines of apples(women) are tempting and foreshadows disaster (heartbreak) but yet he is attracted to them as even if they bring about disaster, when they are tempting him, they look all pure (white) and he gets trapped in the whole cycle (breaking the wall down but realising he can’t get out after all). I could go on and on (there are tons of symbolism used in the MV) but I dun wanna bore you guys out and Omg I realise that I just sort of dissed my own gender while explaining the meaning of the MV! Ahh well, this is like literature I guess, everyone has their own interpretation, no matter what, it’s an awesome video!

oh, I read that Daesung was in an car accident recently and had to go for surgery T_T hope he gets well soon!


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