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2PM & Kara Special Hits On Inkigayo

AND what do you peeps think of Kara’s version of Again & Again?

ummm personally i think they lost the feel of the song as they tried to act sexy. hmm i dunno. that’s just a personal opinion. i’m not a big fan of their version of this song and their vocals are almost totally drowned out by the beats on purpose?

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Girl Fight On Inkigayo

the dance battle!! Minzy VS HyunA VS Nicole VS Ga-In


hmmm minzy rocks! though i thought HyunA did pretty well too…Nicole and Ga-In moved well but were abit too….butts all over the place for me. Hhaaahaaa sorry Nicole and Ga-In fans maybe it’s coz I’m a girl who prefers more dancing than butt. oh well everyone has got different preferences right XD


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DBSK In Asian Plus Magazine’s Sexy, Handsome and ‘Selective’ List

In this month’s issue of Asian Plus Magazine, the publication’s staff came up with a Top 3 Super list for the following categories: Top 3 Super Sexy, Top 3 Super Handsome, and Top 3 Super Selective (or in other words, celebrities who have the most rules and are the most difficult to work with). The lists included hotties from idol groups like 2PMSuper Junior, and DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki.  


Top 3 Super Sexy 

1. Park Jaebum

2. Kim Jaejoong

3. Choi Siwon

Top 3 Super Handsome

1. Jang Geun Suk

2. Jung Yunho

3. Hankyung/Hangeng

Top 4 Super Selective


2. Bae Yong Joon

3. Kim Ki Bum

4. Jeon Jihyun


Personally I think JJ and Yunho should be tops in their categories and although the third category is not so positive…hey it’s DBSK! They deserve the absolute best hehehe biased much~

Source: allkpop

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AADBSK3 Videos Part 3

Here’s some member’s solos for Mirotic and Wrong Number. 

credit: appkjj + uknowlovely 

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AADBSK3 Videos Part 2

this one’s with them and their dogs. so far I found jj&vick, junsu&shaki, micky&harang vids. Will add yunho&taepoong, changmin&mandoongi when i find them XD

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AADBSK3 Videos Part1

well there’s loads and i can’t really promise i’ll have all the time in the world to upload all but i’ll try my best to at least get the more funner parts up XD  

this batch is of the ‘crazy car chase, dinner and in the hotel room’

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[Download]AADBSK3 Screencaps Part 2

Part 2 as promised! (includes couple talk segment^^)

197 pics | 27.01MB

download here

credits: as tagged+alwaysjj+ 021560 + sohee3590 +frapbois  + baidu + on pic + ohmicky + heyjj  + vanziv + xiahero1126 + sharingyoochun@wp + fanaholic@wp


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AADBSK3 Photobook

More here

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Vote for DBSK and SuJu!!!

Voting Poll (Taiwan/China vs. Korea vs. Japan groups)

This voting poll is kind of different as you will need to play a game and accumulate the amount of points/votes.

Super Junior vs. Arashi

DBSK vs. Fahrenheit

Currently Super Junior is losing to Arashi with 47% to 53% while DBSK is on par at 50% with Fahrenheit.

How to vote

Go to this page http://ipoll.kr/three/t.asp

At the bottom, find the box of the group.

Super Junior vs. Arashi

Click on the orange dot next to 슈퍼 주니어 (Super Junior) and it will bring you to a new page. The top of the page will show Arashi vs. Super Junior and an instruction box on how to vote/play the game. But as most of us do not understand korean (like me), just click close.

Click on the grey box on Super Junior’s side (yes, we are k-pop biased) and you will need to complete the arrow game in the bottom to earn the votes. 1 arrow = 1 vote. It would be easier and faster to use your keyboard arrows.

Complete the whole set, press enter and you will send 9 votes for your favorite artiste. You can accumulate your votes by pressing on space, so for example, you want to cast 1000 votes, just complete a set, press space and continue before finally hit enter.

Earn more votes

You may earn more votes by pressing onto the combo icon. After completing a set, press space instead of enter to increase your combo and level, in order to gain more votes. However the downside is that, this is a race against time. Thus, if the time is up, you will lose all the votes that you accumulate.

Hint: After every set is complete, the game will pause for a while. So, you may take a break to energize yourself before pressing on space to continue.

Let’s support our boys! Go Suju! DBSK, Always keep the faith!

Janice: Ok don’t disturb me Denise, I’m voting (playing).


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