2NE1 On Holiday!


The girls had a 3-day break given by YG from 12th August, they will be back on 15th August in Korea. During the break, Park Bom went back to the States, CL to Japan,MinJi to her grandmother’s place and Sandara to the Philippines.

#14.08.09 Bom: Good morning America~~~~^^♥I’ve just woke upㅋㅋ


#14.08.09 Bom: I’m right now here~~~♥♥^^kkk 


#14.08.09 Bom: Where am I now?? kkk really 


#14.08.09 Minzy: Working hard and digging out clams from DaeCheon beach! Really working hard!!! Gong MingGgi who is digging~★-Manager oppa’s lie- ) 


#14.08.09 Minzy: JaeHyun ah, should look hereㅋ 


#14.08.09 Minzy: Our cousin dongsaeng JaeHyunah~^^Cute right? 


#14.08.09 Minzy: The clams we caught while I’m on a vacation with my family~!ㅋIt is roasted seasoned clams party for tonight~!!!!ㅋI am enjoying well in this rest~! 


STALKER INSIDER PICS OF YANG SEUNGHO AND CL IN JAPAN: Credits to the 2ne1’s official thread at Soompi. 



Comparing Wooyoung and Dara. LOL


And since we’ve already started talking about 2PM..some random info. haha~


On STAR GOLDEN BELL, the 2 boys will reveal it.Taecyeon said that Junho and Jaebeom were a type of let it out quietly and watch how the wind blowed (trying to read people’ minds). So Junho shot back that Taecyeon’s fart could cause an earthquake. If they were playing games, his fart  could rock a table!

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