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The Royal Pirates Rock KPop!

they are pretty amazing. i think someone told me before that they were good but coz they looked like those emo bands  i kinda just took no notice. But now i think they ARE good XD hehe

SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish

2PM – Again & Again + I Hate You

DBSK – Mirotic

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Credit: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Go check them out. There’s a download link at their channel

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2NE1 On Holiday!


The girls had a 3-day break given by YG from 12th August, they will be back on 15th August in Korea. During the break, Park Bom went back to the States, CL to Japan,MinJi to her grandmother’s place and Sandara to the Philippines.

#14.08.09 Bom: Good morning America~~~~^^♥I’ve just woke upㅋㅋ


#14.08.09 Bom: I’m right now here~~~♥♥^^kkk 

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If DBSK Disbands…

You can totally feel DBSK’s unity…even with the trouble that’s going on. Found this excerpt from another fanblog. Check it out:

Q. If DBSK breaks up, what will you want to do?

I’ll probably become the top vocalist.
As a DBSK member.

I’ll be composing songs.
Our DBSK songs…

How about soccer?
Playing a game of soccer with the members is fun.

Let me see, since I’m the fragile maknae,
I will have to be with my hyungs.

If that does happen, I will gather my members again.
As the leader of DBSK.

Credits for translation: bakarero@dbsg
Shared by: Lovely-Panda@soompi + lovetohateme + fanaholic@wordpress
can i say AWWWWwwwwWwwwWwWwwWWWww~ XD
AND I found a newspaper ad by the Korean cassies from another blog. It says Behind You (DBSK) There Is Cassieopeia
true that~
Source: theoriginalkpopbean



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Yunho For Evisu

Source: lovetohateme@wordpress

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Nickhun For Benetton Bicycles

Source: allkpop

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2NE1 Snags 5th No.1 Plus Videos

WOOTS 2NE1!! 5th Music Bank No.1 even though they’re still on vacation apparently. AND look out there’s gonna be a dance battle between Nicole, Minzy, GaIn and HyunA (GO MINZYYYYY!!)

AND the videossssss~

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Find Pleasure With Shinee

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2PM Fortunes

For the recent Y-Star special edition of ‘Let’s see 2PM’s palm lines’, the 2PM members reveals their palm line and through a fortuneteller, they talked about what each 2PM members’ palm line mean, what are their future destinies and also their current personalities.

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[Download]AADBSK3 ScreencapsPart 1 (TVXQEVENT + OHMICKY)

Sorry I can’t post all the pics up individually, instead I zipped up everything for you. I’ll continue with the rest of the parts tomorrow!

152 pic|18.03MB

Download here

credits: tvxqevent + ohmicky + as tagged
Shared by: fanaholic

All these pics make me wish I have gotten the DVD, but I have decided to join the boycott so have to control. Have to think long term!


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090812 SM Ent. Boycott Announcement


Hello, Cassiopeia.

SM TOWN LIVE ’09 that was scheduled on August 16th, 2009 has been postponed indefinitely but in truth, it has been canceled. We believe that this has caused a lot of confusion amongst the domestic and international fans.

When three members of TVXQ filed for a exclusive contract suspension, many worried about whether the SM TOWN LIVE ’09 would still held. At the time SM Entertainment stated that the concert would still be held regardless of the lawsuit filed by the three members. TVXQ also stated numerous times that they would perform to keep their promise with their fans. However, SM Entertainment announced that, ‘Due to the situation regarding TVXQ’s lawsuit, we will not be able to show fans the cooperation and bond between the singers in our agency.’ They stated this as their reason and postponed the concert indefinitely a week before it was set to be held.

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