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[HANGUL + ROM + TRANS] 12시 34분 (Nothing Better) Lyrics

Saw this at achan-x-achun@lj

12시 34분 (Nothing Better)

(준수) 지난 과거속에 흩어졌던 시간들과
수줍은 미소를 나눈 우리들의 거리 그 사이를 살며시 물들여준 보라빛 바다
아직 그리 오래된 연인은 아니지만
너와 나 같은 곳을 바라보며 하나 둘 새겨놓은
희미한 발자국이 내게 있어 Nothing better than that

(창민) 어느새부터 자연스레 내안에 자라온 외로움에
나아닌 누군가를 소중하게 생각한적 없던 날들
(유천) 아침을 괴롭히는 눈이부신 햇살 늦은 밤 길 비추는 환한 달빛
작고 순수했던 기억에 토라지고 가슴 설레어

(재중) 이제 깨달았죠 단 하나의 사랑인걸
나몰래 흘린 눈물 기억나지 않게 언제라도
따스한 바람 되어 널 감싸안을께

More here

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DBSK ~[Official] Picture of You MV~

credits: yuulinaboojaejoong

Omg!!! I was freaking out when I saw this!!! I love love love Yoochun in here!!! The five of them looked so happy in the video, really hope everything will turn out for the best 🙂 and just before I saw the MV I was watching Yoochun in Rainbow Romance and look at what I noticed:

It’s from episode 4 if anyone is interested in watching^^ and judging from his hair in the show, it’s around rising sun period!

And here’s Yoochun to remind us to Always Keep The Faith!


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Nothing Better Than DBSK SMTown Summer Song Full

EDIT: Added download link^^ I heard that Changmin wrote the lyrics for this song:) -denise

Download here
credits: asianreloaded


i don’t want to link the name dbsk to sm but well it IS for SM. DBSK Fighting!


denise: I read that Changmin wrote the lyrics:)

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SS501 For Le Coq Sportif


Source: allkpop

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Are You A Good…Chicken?!

SME released an official MV of Are You A Good Girl. Personally the question I wanna ask is Who’s Free To Go Riot Outside SME With Me?…I find that they are totally treating DBSK like a thing coz they recently trademarked DBSK’s name or something and now they’re just throwing some clips together and trying to pacify Cassies who he must know ARE NOT DUMB. Mannn~It’s like a fanmade MV only fanmade MVs are made out of love for DBSK while SM’s MVS are made out of his black and greedy little stone heart.

Credit: farahmicky8@YT

In more amusing news:

Here’s pics of Yunho in a chicken suit! haha!It’s some stalker shots of him shooting for his drama ‘Heading to the Ground’

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[ENG SUBBED]SHINee’s Flower Boy Generation with SuJu’s Donghae and Sungmin-Part 1

EDIT: Added new link

Only part one subbed atm, which is ok for me cause I’m too busy to watch T_T

credits: mellogreenleaf @ youtube



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2PM Against Child Trafficking

Credit: mylove2pm@YT

no taec but they’re all still cute XD

Source: allkpop

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[Lyrics]SHINee – scar (Rom & Translations)

As requested by Vic^^

Cheombuteo sijakdo maraya haesseo
We shouldn’t have started from the beginning
Niga ddeonagan keu sunkan buteo
From the moment you left me
Dein nae sangcheoneun deo kkeojyeoman kasseo
the burn wound grew bigger

Amudo moreuge (sumgyeodo)
So that nobody knows (I hide it)
Aesseo keunyang oimyeon (haebwado)
I try my best to ignore it (I try to)
Amulji anhneun nae mam hankeuseokeseo
In the corner of my heart that doesn’t heal
Jaranan keu hyongteomankkeum apawa
the scar that grew hurts

Neoman isseumyeon dwae dorawajweo
I just need you, come back to me
Neoman saranghaettgo da mideosseo
I loved only you, and believed everything
Neol nohchiji mothae neol ddeonaji mothae
I can’t let you go, i can’t leave you
Dashi dorawajwo
Please come back to me
Apeun kieokdeureun kajyeokajwo
Take away all the painful memories
Doryeonaebwado nae soge ittneun

The deep hurt inside me I keep trying to cut away
Nae kipeun sangcheodo neolhyanghan miryeondo
The lingering stubbornness towards you
Modu kajyeokajwo
Take it all away

More here

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Kim Bum Faints On the Set of Dream

OOhhh I read this over at allkpop:

According to Kim Bum’s manager, the rigor of the filming schedule caused Kim Bum to be both physically and mentally fatigued. On August 8th, he filmed late into the night; the poor boy didn’t get any rest the following day either, as he had to film for hours in the scorching heat. “But after some rest, he continued filming, and there is nothing wrong with his health now,” his manager said.

Guess all that fame and fortune comes at a heavy price for kpop stars huh~

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SM town album- DBSK’s 12:34 Preview

The quality isn’t really good but you can get the feel of the song^^

credits: MC제제 @dnbn + farahmicky8


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