090812 Tohomobile Messages

Edited with trans

Shochuu omimai are summer greetings, and is a culture in Japan where postcards asking about summer and health are usually sent to family/friends.


Summer greetings! How is everyone? I’m spending a hot, but fun summer. Please make wonderful summer memories with your family and friends! See you!


Summer greetings! Is everyone healthy? Everyone OK? I will try not to let the summer wear me down~ Recently, I’ve purposely let myself get exhausted by the summer~ ^^ Right now, I’m enjoying it healthily! Everyone, please eat and laugh a lot, and enjoy the summer~
Always keep the faith!


Summer greetings! I’m the summer guy, Jaejoong! Is everyone healthy? a-nation is extremely fun!! We’re always loved by everyone~ I’m so happy I might just die — (laugh) Try not to get too exhausted by the summer~ See you~~


Summer greetings! How’s everyone doing? For this year’s summer, I’ll work hard for a-nation or any other events~ That’s why everyone must also enjoy this summer!


Summer greetings! Is everyone doing well? Are you exhausted by the summer? I’m enjoying a-nation! I won’t lose out to everyone’s passionate support, and will continue to work hard! Everyone, please spend the summer in good health!

credit: xiahyu-ri
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic

Trans: hajargiler@dbsknights.blogspot.com


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