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090812 Stalking Yoochun

credit: izar0126
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic

Stalking Micky (and Ricky)

credits: farahmicky8


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Leeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.08.13

Saw this at sharingyoochun:)


..I love you!!..
2009.08.13 02:31

..I love you!!!!……….

..I want to yell that out to only one person..

..To you…

..But who is “you”?….Whew…..There is no one..

..Yunho, I love you.. Changmin, I love you.. Junsu, I love you..

..Jaejoong, I love you.. Yoochun, I love you..

..Donghae, I love you.. Hyukjae, I love you.. Siwon, I love you..

..Ryeowook, I love you.. Kyuhyun, I love you..

..Donghee, I love you.. Jongwoon, I love you.. Hangkyung, I love you..

..Heechul, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..Youngwoon, I love you.. Sungmin, I love you..

..Minho, I love you.. Jonghyun, I love you.. Onew, I love you..

..Taemin, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..There’s many of you.. so many.. all my dongsaengs.. ^^ I love you guys…. ah, there are friends too ㅋㅋ..

..But besides guys…tacky…tacky..ㅋㅋㅋ they need a little bit of luxury to them…

..SNSD?…… SNSD, I love you!!!♥ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

…..I don’t think they’re luxurious either.. They’re like guys too…ㅡㅡ;;;

..Damn.. is there anyone out there?????????????????????????????

Source; Leeteuk’s Cy
Credit; vanilla.teaa at SJ-WORLD.NET
Do not add your own credit.

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SM Town – Seaside 휴게소 (Boom Boom) MV [TVXQ, Super Junior & SHINee]

credits: deNainXdeNain@yt

From all the comments, no one seems to like this MV. SM Fail!


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Bigeastation 124- Korean corner (Yunho & Toilet paper)

credits: whisperpuppies@yt


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SM town album- Super Junior’s Carnival with download link

Edit: added youtube



credits: asianreloaded


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[Download links] SM Town album- Seaside and Scar

Head over to asianreloaded to download! Click on the links below:)




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[MV]Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon 2PM-My Ear’s Candy

Taqiah is the 2pm girl here at Fanaholic but she just started school yesterday and is busy so I present you Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon 2PM’s My Ear’s Candy MV. Taec is really hot here but I don’t agree to 80% of his style in the MV:( Silver lipstick and there was one part where he was wearing seriously weird glasses XD Is it just me or did that green laser dance part remind anyone of Junsu in Mirotic MV? and did I hear “Wo Ai Ni”?

credits: Bestiz + sanakujira


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[ENG SUBBED]SHINee’s Flower Boy Generation with SuJu’s Donghae and Sungmin- cuts

credits: consumer256

It is kinda DOG?!?!
Basically Donghae created a touching atmosphere by talking about how 12 members will gather money for the member with the smallest income. Everyone goes awwww…ooooo until a Onew sangtae moment ruins the atmosphere XD and Key was scolding him for being so blunt and confusing everyone!

credits: consumer2567

Donghae – the ultimate narcissist
When asked to talk about what they think of themselves physically, Sungmin says that he thinks he is one of the top 5 in SuJu (which I agree XD) and he goes on to say that he thinks the he looks better than Siwon and when no one agrees, he went all “I’m sorry!” In my opinion, Siwon was one of the more striking ones when I first saw SuJu and he is good looking, he has strong features, very masculine vibe, while Sungmin features are more delicate, so to me they both have a different style. Now, back to Donghae, he is really the ultimate! He thinks that he is #1 in SM and then gets all embarrassed by it XD


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[LYRICS] SHINee – SCAR [Romanized]

As requested by yuchan_21

Cheombuteo sijakdo maraya haesseo
Niga ddeonagan keu sunkan buteo
Dein nae sangcheoneun deo kkeojyeoman kasseo

Amudo moreuge (sumgyeodo)
Aesseo keunyang oimyeon (haebwado)
Amulji anhneun nae mam hankeuseokeseo
Jaranan keu hyongteomankkeum apawa

Neoman isseumyeon dwae dorawajweo
Neoman saranghaettgo da mideosseo
Neol nohchiji mothae neol ddeonaji mothae
Dashi dorawajwo
Apeun kieokdeureun kajyeokajwo
Doryeonaebwado nae soge ittneun
Nae kipeun sangcheodo neolhyanghan miryeondo
Modu kajyeokajwo

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SMTown – Seaside subbed

credits: Yunise4


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