G-Dragon – Butter Fly & Heartbreaker Preview

We shared a preview of G-Dragon’s “About A Boy’s Feelings”. Today it’s a preview of another song- Butter Fly:)

Added: Heartbreaker

credits: DORKy0010@yt

credits: elavipp@yt

솔로앨범 두번째 곡!! Butter Fly- 사랑을 처음 시작 할때의 설.레.임.을 생각하며 만든 노래! 눈감고 사랑하는 사람을 떠올리며 들어봐요
The second song off my solo album. Butterfly- A song I made while thinking about the uneasiness you feel when love first starts! Close your eyes and think of the person you love when you listen.
credit: dragonsquee @ lj

It’s all about you, my butter fly
Everytime I come close to you (everytime I’m feeling you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream everytime (I get butterflies check it)
Looking at the sky by chance like
it resembles you when you smile
Uniquely bright girl woo baby
credit: sparkskey @ livejournal


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