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G-Dragon – Butter Fly & Heartbreaker Preview

We shared a preview of G-Dragon’s “About A Boy’s Feelings”. Today it’s a preview of another song- Butter Fly:)

Added: Heartbreaker

credits: DORKy0010@yt

credits: elavipp@yt

솔로앨범 두번째 곡!! Butter Fly- 사랑을 처음 시작 할때의 설.레.임.을 생각하며 만든 노래! 눈감고 사랑하는 사람을 떠올리며 들어봐요
The second song off my solo album. Butterfly- A song I made while thinking about the uneasiness you feel when love first starts! Close your eyes and think of the person you love when you listen.
credit: dragonsquee @ lj

It’s all about you, my butter fly
Everytime I come close to you (everytime I’m feeling you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream everytime (I get butterflies check it)
Looking at the sky by chance like
it resembles you when you smile
Uniquely bright girl woo baby
credit: sparkskey @ livejournal


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[VIDEO/LYRICS] Seaside – DBSK/SHINee/Super Junior SM Town Summer 09

credits: XxtenerifexX@yt

by DBSK, Super Junior & SHINee

[Changmin] Aloha! This is SM Town from Korea (——>scream with Changmin’s voice , so cute)
[Yoochun: Hello) Amigo! (——>*melt with Yoochunnie sexy voice)

[Yunho+Donghae] Bring it on now, put ‘em shades on,
put ‘em in your pocket don’t you
wanna go girl, Gacha gacha yeah, Shaka shaka hey!

[Changmin] Sodajineun haesal keu sairo pink bikini agasshi
[Yoochun] Ajik ddeonaji marayo
[Junsu] Naui mameul kajyeoyo

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Tohoshinki WHAT’s IN? 9

credit: xiajyu-ri
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic@wordpress


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[News] TVXQ to Participate in December 14th SMTOWN Album

The list of SM Entertainment artists who will participate in new album Summer SMTOWN ‘09 is released.

On August 11th, representative from SM Entertainment said, “On December 14th, Summer SMTOWN ‘09 will be released.”

“Two years later, in 2007 we also released the album for whole Asia. The participating groups for upcoming new album are TVXQ, Super Junior, and SHINee. There will be 4 songs in the album which features the powerful summer atmosphere, including the title song “Seaside” where you can feel the warm friendship between these young men.”

In addition, for song “12: 34″ which features TVXQ, Choikang Changmin is in charge for the lyrics, while Super Junior will sing a song from their 2nd Asia Tour “Carnival” that is highly anticipated by the fans, and SHINee is coming up with a dance song titled “SCAR”. Meanwhile the title song “Seaside” is planned to be released for the first time through on line site.

source: star.mt.kr
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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Lee Minho Trugen Fall 09

I’m not sure if these have been uploaded. They look familiar yet new. Anyways he’s not so it’s not a problem XD

AND! the peeps at kpculture were so awesome t have left instructions on how you can download more minho for trugen pics from the company site. Just follow the instructions:

KP’s note: You can download Trugen’s catalogue, wallpapers, and desktop calendars featuring Lee Min Ho from the company website. Although the site is Korean, most of the main prompts are in English so it’s easy to navigate. Click on the second option Download (다운로드) under CLUB. Then, you should see three subheadings appear in Korean: catalogue (카탈로그), wallpaper (월페이퍼), and calendar (달력). Click on theDOWNLOAD icon under each picture to open or save the ZIP files.

Source: kpculture

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress



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10Asia’s 2NE1 Interview (Part 1)

10asia (10): As soon as “I Don’t Care” was released, the response was very favourable.
CL: Our practice time is getting longer [nowadays]. We’re focusing on practice because we figured expectations be raised after “I Don’t Care”.

10: It is known that even during your activities [following a release], there’s a lot of rehearsal time and not many stage schedules. Don’t you want to do more [public] activities?
CL: We’re still lacking in practice time. Because we spent several years only in a practice room, it feels odd if we don’t practice.

10: Does the company (YG Entertainment) make you practice that much? (Laughs.)
CL: We feel the need to. There are times when we forget everything that we practiced and just play on stage, [but] then mess up the choreography.

10: The stage must be enjoyable for you.
CL: It’s fun. Because you lose your mind a little when the music comes on.
All: Hahahahahaha.
Dara: It’s most nerve-wracking right before going up on stage.
Minzy: I don’t have a lot of stage experience yet so it’s amazing.

10: What advice do the unnis (older girls) give Minzy.
CL: We’re not in the position to give advice either. (Laughs.)
Minzy: They say let’s work hard together.

10: Minzy begins the first part of “I Don’t Care”. You must have felt a sense of responsibility about the opening.
Minzy: There was a bit of that. Because if the first button is threaded well, everything [else] falls into place (Korean idiom).

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