A trip to Micky’s Timeout Gelato Shop XD

yay! i found it! this just made my whole korea trip worth the flight ticket haha (i didnt do much else coz I was accompanying my mum on a biz trip TT___TT) but anyways! I can be of some (not much) help for those who wanna go find the shop in seoul coz i tried to find an address online and got zilch

Locals probably know a better/easier way to go there but I will share the ‘howtheforeignerstumbleduponthegelatoshop’ way kay XD.

First I took the subway to Apgujeong station. The whole system map looks like (x.x)” at first but there’s english, japanese and chinese instructions around the stations so it’s not that hard to navigate around Seoul. 

Exit at exit 2 at the station. Outside, there will be this flyover thingy and underneath there is a pedestrian crossing which you cross. You will see a building with this quaint little clothes shop with the words ‘space of choi ji young’ (or something) and you go towards the right.

You will see this huge building called Hyundai Department Store. Don’t cross over. When you reach the intersection to cross over turn left instead and continue until I think the first side alley/road. The shop is visible on your left once you turn. Opposite Timeout is a Paris Croissant shop. If not it’s just the next side road/alley. If you’re walking way way into the alleys, you’re lost (haha. but getting lost in the streets in seoul i find very easy to do). 

If you get lost, I apologize in advance. I felt a bit high after finally finding the shop after roaming around for almost one hour when it’s actually so close to the subway exit. -___-“


There were lotsa Jap tourists/fans and giggling Korean fangirls. heh.

ohh this tastes like heaven on a hot summer’s day~ yoghurt fruit thingy+kiwi cream and caramelsomething+blueberry cheesecake.

contrary to what my friends told me, not all shop attendants at apgujeong are guys. here they’re all girls. and the girl there understands english too which is awesome coz my korean sucks XD

oops blurry. i can’t do these fan stalker things. I get very incompetent when I’m high haha~


when you get the badges for 4800won (ard SGD5.60/USD3.20) you get the other three stuff also.

always keep the faith!


yay~ that’s it~yeah i know you’re wondering where’s the message from the mum or what that the other sites always get when they go to these places?? well I think i saw his mum but she looked busy( read: i did not have the guts to ask) so yeah. yeah i haven’t graduated to that level of fangirling yet unfortunately~ hehe XD 

anyways if you’re nearby that shop do pop in! and try the yoghurt and kiwi thingy~ it’s really nice especially if you’re not into like the sweeter kinda desserts 😀




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16 responses to “A trip to Micky’s Timeout Gelato Shop XD

  1. awesome!! so gonna go there (:

  2. Cass

    Hi! I wana ask if you could email me the address of Timeout? Cuz I cant find it online as well, which is pretty weird cuz I really remember searching for it before and I was able to find the addy:-( Anyways thank you thank you! And awesome that you were able to go there, I hope I can too after grad XD

    • fanaholic

      taqiah: well i guess im also pretty much a dumdum for doing this post and never remembering to update the address teehee

      서울 강남구 신사동
      580번지 아시아빌딩내 1층
      (지하철 3호선 압구정여 5번출구)

      Umm i think it roughly translates as : Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Shinsa-dong. 580 Asia Building Level 1. ( Take line 3 on the subway and go out at exit 5 at Apgujeong)

      At exit 5 I remember you go to your right, crossing the street. The street where Timeout is at is opposite the Hyundae Department store (현대백화점).
      Hope you can find your way there. The gelato is great especially on a hot summer’s day 😀

  3. Keva

    Hey …..i’m thinking about visiting the shop and doing a bit of fan girling myself….now that the weather is getting better…thanks so much for the info

    If you’re there on the day that I will be, I will totally treat you to an extra large ice cream just for posting this!
    Always keep the faith <3~

  5. Jessica

    Thanks for the directions! I went while I was in Seoul last week. The place is gorgeous, and the gelato is DELICIOUS! I had watermelon sorbet and kiwi cream. My other fangirl friend had like peach mango cheesecake and Tim Tam. ❤ It was the perfect way to end my last day in Seoul. 🙂

  6. Jessica

    Oh, btw: It’s way easier to get there if you just go out Exit 5 of Apgujeong. Then all you have to do is walk straight(parallel to he Hyundae Dept. store on the right side of the road) until the first alley on your left. Turn here, take a few steps, and you can’t miss the bright orange building on your left.

    We tried your other directions, but got a little confused, since you can’t cross right at Exit 2. But we stopped an Apple store and sneakily used the internet to re-check our directions, and we finally got it. 😉

    • fanaholic

      thanks for the feedback! glad u enjoyed ur stay in Seoul. Taqiah found the shop first, when I went six months later, I just kinda wondered around exit 2 and just found it :p

    • Jenni Kim

      Thanks for these directions! I went today and it was so easy to find, I was really glad I got to enjoy delicious ice cream without much hassle and confusion ^^

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  8. regina

    so funny ‘coz i’ve been to seoul (esp in apgujeong to do some fangirling stuff) but not once did i thought of looking for this ice cream shop,i’ll make sure i’ll go there with my friend,ooh i’m such a loser,concentrated too much on super junior and big bang,hahaha! any more places you could recommend?

  9. Amber

    Well…I probably will never go to Korea…so when I will,I will go! Not into the fangirling thing but I’ll probably give them a lot of money since I’m obsessed with ice cream!

  10. bui2

    i think your direction is not correct/confusing?especially after crossing the bridge part.T.T..may be u shud take picture of hyundai building? also, the shop is on the right!. I got lost.. tho i did follow your direction properly..T.T.
    Only found it, after we gave up, and thinking to go back,when I saw the orange signboard on our way back to subway.o.0
    May be u shud edit your post,cause many people has been following your direction too.>__< just being honest.^^;

  11. PA

    Please don’t “hate” me for saying this…It “may” have been the fans which caused Yoochun’s mom’s shop to close. Some overzealous fans “tend” to get out of hand and/or “unruly” (aka saesang fans) at times which “may” have “created” an “unpleasant” atmosphere which “may” have resulted in “complaints” from neighboring businesses. There “may” be a number of “reasons” for Time Out Gelato to close it’s doors however, I think “saesang” fans “may” have been the “reason”. After a while “dealing” with “saesang” fans “tends” to get very “tiring” especially, for Micky’s mom who had to “deal” with it every day the shop is open to closing at night…it “tends’ to get old very quickly and “may” have affected/effected her health and well being.to the point where Mickey “may” have said “enough is enough…I only have one mom let’s close the shop! Your health and well being is more important to me!” Fans out there do not realize they “can” be a “hazard” to the artiste by their “behavior” to get close to the artiste! Respect your Artiste and their Privacy! :Ask if you can take a photo of them first and keep it to yourself! Food for thought…how would you feel if someone took your photo and/or personal information without your permission and plastered it all over the internet!? I personally would be furious if someone did that to me! Ask yourself…will I and/or anyone get hurt? Will I and/or anyone get into trouble? How would I feel if someone does what I’m thinking of doing to them feel? If you answer Yes, Not so Good, Not a Good Idea…Do Not Do It! Speaking from first hand experience being in the Entertainment Industry! We do Not “appreciate” fans sneaking into our rooms, sending us their “soiled” and/or “clean” undergarments! It’s just GROSS! btw…They DO keep track of every fan mail and/or gift that it sent! Choose Wisely…Make Wise Choices especially, when dealing with celebs, public figures!

    • LeO

      Hi PA,
      Is it true that Timeout Gelato is no longer in operation?
      Cos I was planning to give it a visit during my trip in june.

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