Hyun Joong is a CL fan

Idol group SS501’s leader and flower boy Kim Hyun Joong confessed, “Out of the 2NE1 members I am paying close attention to CL” during an interview with MBC SectionTV.

When asked by the reporter, “Out of all the girl groups, is there a specific member who you closely observe?” And Hyun Joong’s answer was 2NE1’s bad girl CL.

He also expressed how he felt about CL saying “When I saw her I asked myself ‘Wow, who is that?’ and admired CL.”

Hyun Joong never got to see CL in person so he recorded a video message to her saying “I am your senior of a few years but I wish your career as a singer will be good. Thanks for giving me inspiration.”

Bonus Hyun Joong Interview Screen Caps:

Source; allkpop

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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